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‘Tell Me About Yourself’: Answer Examples

Yes, it’s the dreaded first interview question, the question that has you frantically searching in your memory banks and experiencing your professional life flash in front of your eyes: “Tell me about yourself.”

Surely it should be the easiest question you get asked in your interview, but sometimes, explaining yourself in a professional and interesting way can be as tricky as the rest. Not to worry – we are here to help lower our heart rates and optimize our answers to the ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ question with examples.

When the question is first uttered, your mind might go back in time, but perhaps telling your potential employer about your first day of school is a little too far back. We suggest starting with a more recent chapter. Begin with your most recent education, particularly if you have a degree, and work from there. Give a brief overview of your roles, what your responsibilities were, and how you moved from one position to another.

Vague answers are also a big no. Don’t list five bullet points you looked over last night. Instead, concise, clear, and structured responses are key. An interview situation can be stressful, making you forget the simplest of things. Have your answers prepared – have your CV in front of you, signposting your experience. If it’s a phone interview, have cue cards with one or two sentences per role that you can quickly glance through to keep you on track.

Everyone loves talking about themselves, but when nerves are in the mix, rambling can happen. You might start with something like, “I had some cornflakes for breakfast…” If you find yourself on a tangent or focusing too much on one company or on your relationships with former colleagues, it’s time to move on swiftly.

Understanding why this question is asked and why it begins most interviews is crucial. The employer is qualifying your profile, ensuring that there are synergies for the role you’re applying for and that you’ll be a good fit for the team. There’s no way around it, I’m afraid.

The key difference to keep in mind next time you’re asked, “Tell me about yourself,” is the context. In a social setting, meeting new friends, the question genuinely means to share about your hobbies, interests, and family. In a job interview, however, the employer is really asking, “Tell me how you can add value to my company?”

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Examples of how to answer ‘Tell Me About Yourself’

Example 1

“I’m Lisa, and my professional journey has been focused on finance and accounting. I hold a degree in Accounting and Finance, and over the past seven years, I’ve been dedicated to honing my expertise in the financial industry. I started my career at XYZ Financial Services as a Junior Accountant and progressively advanced to the position of Senior Financial Analyst.

In my current role, I play a crucial part in the organization by analyzing financial data and preparing comprehensive reports. These reports provide valuable insights that aid in making strategic business decisions. What truly excites me about finance is its dynamic nature, constantly presenting new challenges and learning opportunities.

I consider myself a detail-oriented individual with a strong work ethic, always striving for accuracy and efficiency in financial processes. I take great pride in my ability to deliver precise and reliable outcomes. Collaborating with teams and contributing to the success of projects are aspects of my work that I deeply appreciate.

Outside of my professional life, I find joy in attending finance seminars, which allow me to stay updated on industry trends and best practices. In my leisure time, I practice yoga to maintain a healthy balance between mind and body. Additionally, I’m an avid foodie, exploring diverse cuisines, and savoring new culinary experiences.

I’m eager to leverage my skills and experiences to contribute to the success of your organization, and I’m excited about the potential opportunities that lie ahead.”

Example 2

“Of course, my name is John, and I come from an engineering background.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and have always been intrigued by technology and innovation. I am a problem-solver at heart and thrive in environments where I can apply my technical knowledge to develop practical solutions.

Over the past five years, I have worked as a Mechanical Engineer at ABC Corporation, where I was involved in designing and testing cutting-edge products in the automotive industry. Additionally, I took the initiative to lead a cross-functional team in optimizing our manufacturing processes, resulting in a significant reduction in production costs.

I am a strong believer in continuous learning, and I actively engage in professional development courses and workshops to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends. Outside of work, I enjoy playing soccer, hiking, and tinkering with DIY projects at home.”

Example 3

“Sure, I’d be happy to. My name is Sarah, and I have a background in marketing and communications.

I graduated with a degree in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing. Throughout my academic journey, I actively participated in various marketing projects and internships, which provided me with hands-on experience and sharpened my skills in digital marketing, content creation, and social media management.

After graduating, I joined XYZ Company as a Marketing Assistant, where I contributed to several successful product launches and managed various advertising campaigns. My ability to analyze market trends and consumer behavior has been instrumental in crafting effective marketing strategies.

I am a highly motivated individual who is passionate about creating impactful marketing strategies that drive growth and brand visibility. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, reading, and volunteering at a local animal shelter, which gives me a sense of community and purpose.”


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