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Allen Outsource

Are you dealing with high attrition rates or cost pressures in your 24/7 Operations Team?
Our happy clients, CSAT and SLA performance metrices speak for themselves.

In many cases we deliver significant cost savings but as a minimum we will deliver a cost neutral outsourced 24/7 Operations Team ensuring that your business services run smoothly.

A motivated, well-trained team with developed systems and procedures is what your business needs to be up and running 24/7 with issues flagged promptly so the User never notices any discomfort. Hiring the right talent, making sure they are paid above market rate and have real career progression prospects is how we manage attrition.

With Allen Outsource, your 24/7 Operations Team becomes our responsibility.

We organise the 24/7 Operations Team to make sure your service is capable of supporting your business no matter how flexible it needs to be. That means we take care of everything from recruitment to payroll to onboarding to day to day management in accordance with approved Service Level Agreements.

Our solution at a minimum will be cost neutral, but in the majority of cases will reduce costs significantly while improving service levels.

An Allen Outsource 24/7 Operations Team is an end-to-end solution, meaning we’ll provide the team with the skills required to ensure your service is available as and when needed. We can deliver on site, hybrid or fully remote – whatever you require to deliver the level of service your business needs within your cost constraints.

We are the employers and managers for the 24/7 Operations Team and you don’t have to worry about compliance or HR. Everything and everyone is managed by us, taking work and cost away from you. We have a proven track record delivering 99% up time for our clients.

Who we are

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Allen Outsource is a division of Allen Recruitment, we are bringing the same expertise gained over 25 years in recruiting the right talent, to delivering the future of  24/7 Operations Teams to clients in Ireland and the UK. That means focusing on the people, the process and the technology. Our solution to 24/7 Operations Teams collects all the information to carry your customers’ operational requests, design and implement procedures and workflows, build a knowledge base and provide training.

You choose “shared or dedicated team” and then we start looking for the best technical support specialists. If you wish, you can take part in the final interviews and approve suggested candidates. Once the 24/7 Operations candidates are chosen and trained, we launch the project smoothly. You are ensured that your new 24/7 Operations team can manage all the tasks and fulfil the project’s conditions.

We deliver continuous service improvements with a motivated, well trained and expertly managed  24/7 Operations Team. Whether you need monitoring or ticketing solutions, our CSAT score and SLA performance metrices speak for themselves. Our clients are happy clients!

Our other services

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Allen Mapping

Do you know what your talent pool looks like? We can give you a comprehensive picture, providing you with a report of the skills and qualifications available to you.

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Allen Identify

We use your mapping information to find you a longlist of candidates, including companies, positions, responsibilities and results of screening scores relative to the specific job requirements.

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Allen Engage

We review your candidate longlist to find the most suitable candidates for interview, whittling it down to a shortlist of the top talent available.

Allen Senior Appointments

Every organisation needs great leaders, and we can provide them. We’ll help you find the best executives, managers and senior leadership to ensure your company has the direction it needs.

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