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Allen Agency: Where expert recruiters and cutting-edge tech meet to find elite talent

Join the future of recruitment and let us find the elite talent you need

Why Agency is right for you

At Allen Agency, our unique approach to hiring has made us the future of recruitment. Here’s why our approach is the right one for your organisation:


1. Our AI-powered search can scour over 45 digital sources for candidates in seconds, letting us quickly find talent with the requirements you need.


2. We can search across borders, without bias. We recruit internationally across Europe, Asia, Africa and beyond to find the best talent around, and our search doesn’t care about names, nationalities or gender, just qualifications and expertise.


3. Our automated processes make it more likely for candidates to engage with us, and save time to fill roles quickly with the most suitable talent.


4.Our tech-first approach frees up our specialist recruiters to fully understand your exact needs, allowing us to deliver a world-class candidate and client recruitment experience.

How does it work?

Step 1:
Everything starts with a conversation. We talk to you to find out your exact needs for the role you’re hoping to fill. We’ll offer advice on how to tailor those requirements to give you the best chance of filling the position with an elite candidate.

Step 2:
Our boolean search specialists feed your criteria into our machine-learning-powered search engine, going through over 45 sources to uncover all the potential candidates for your role.

Step 3:
Our automated processes contact the candidates who will be the best fit for your organisation. Our recruiters are then free to focus on talking to them and understanding their personalities and career goals, delivering an exceptional candidate experience and increasing our chances of success.

Step 4:
We can provide you with a shortlist for interviews or handle the whole process ourselves, even handling onboarding and payroll if that’s what you need.

Take a look at one of our Talent Intelligence Reports to see the detail we go to in understanding your requirements

Why do our clients like working with us?

We’re proud of our innovative methods, as they eliminate some of the main issues with modern recruitment. Rather than dealing with a long hiring process – during which the role sits empty and productivity drops – our AI-powered search and automated processes drastically reduce time-to-hire.

Our world-class search engine uses 45 digital data sources to uncover candidates that match your needs, even if they’re not actively looking for a job. Our technology lets us be objective, choosing candidates based purely on their skills and qualifications, and ensuring we find the best match for your role.

Many of our clients are finding their talent pools shrinking, but there’s plenty of candidates available if you know where to look. Our search process covers passive jobseekers – the 70 percent of professionals who aren’t actively looking for a job – while also searching across borders for international talent. We’re compliant with all the relevant regulations, letting us recruit for you from overseas without running into any issues.

Let us find your next hire quickly, easily and effectively with our world-class methodology.

Types of roles we work on


If you want to work with some of the world’s most exciting businesses, look no further. We’ll help you reach the next stage of your career with a dedicated recruiter who will help find the roles that match up with your goals and ambitions, as well as providing impartial advice and support.

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From easy invoicing to setting up a limited company for you, we are here to help contractors find success. You can maintain flexibility while gaining access to jobs from businesses around the world, all while taking advantage of our quick and easy timesheet and invoicing processes.

Get in touch to work alongside us as a contractor.


Temporary (or fixed term) work is flexible and exciting, but it can also be a hassle. We get rid of all of that by ensuring you only have to worry about one employer: us. We’ll manage your pay, taxes and admin while finding you the temporary roles you want to take on.

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Our results

Over 70 percent of candidates engage with our messaging

Over 66 percent of our candidates sent to clients get selected for interviews

In the last year our candidates gave us a Net Promoter Score of 60

1 out of 3 candidates we screen for a role get sent to the client

Join the future of recruitment

Our Team

Our specialist recruiters are at the heart of everything we do. While our tech is a major asset for us, it is only useful thanks to the efforts of our skilled team who use it expertly to find the most suitable talent for our clients.

From making expert use of boolean search strings to providing impartial advice to candidates, we’re proud of the exceptional work our team does to match clients up with the candidates who best fit their needs.

Learn more about the people who will provide you with your next hire.