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The future of recruitment. Today

Hiring people can be quicker, easier and more effective; we’ve achieved all three. Let’s bring your recruitment into the future.

We’ve rewritten the rules of recruitment

Recruitment agencies have been failing to provide great experiences and effective hiring for years. Shrinking talent pools, bias and time-consuming searches have long been problems for traditional, 360 recruiters, so we’ve tackled them head-on with an innovative approach.

Rather than a 360 recruitment approach, we use experts who excel at every individual step of the process. Our search specialists use an AI and machine-learning-powered search engine to locate the candidates that meet your needs across 45 publicly available data sources. Our account managers and recruiters take the time to understand your exact needs so we can create a shortlist of people who fit your job and culture, saving you time and effort while ensuring you only see the most appropriate candidates. Our tech-first approach eliminates bias by searching based purely on skills and experience. And our approach works:

  • Over 70% of candidates engage with our recruiters.
  • Over a third of candidates end up talking to us about job opportunities.
  • We narrow that longlist down for you, meaning you’ll only see a third of the candidates we do.
  • Around two thirds of candidates we send to our clients get selected for interview.
  • A dedicated Account Manager as a single point of contact, even when we are searching for you across different countries.

Our expert methods provide our clients with reduced time to hire, better quality of candidates and more roles filled overall.
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What do we do?

The way we recruit is not what you might expect. We’ve rewritten the rulebook and taken a tech-powered, people-first expert approach that finds candidates that are the perfect fit for you. Here’s how it works:

Working with our clients, we spend time uncovering exactly what each role needs, from qualifications to personality. Our expert search specialists then know exactly what to input into our AI-powered search engine to look for these job requirements without any bias or prejudice coming into play.

Our machine-learning-powered search looks through every available public data source to find all viable candidates, even if they’re not actively searching for a job. Shrinking talent pools are no longer a problem when technology allows us to be this thorough.

Contacting every candidate can be time-consuming and greatly increase your time-to-hire. That’s why we’ve automated the process. Our software contacts each candidate up to seven times within five days, and allows them to book in a detailed screening with one of our recruiters, streamlining the whole process.

That frees up our recruiters to focus on what really matters: making sure candidates are the right fit for our clients. Our highly trained and skilled candidate screeners establish if the candidate can do your role, will interview well and will accept an offer from you should one be made.

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We can also make sure the candidate experience is as positive as possible, with time dedicated to keeping them in the loop and making sure they are a good fit with our clients’ culture. We make sure to understand if each candidate is motivated to move roles and is really interested in your company. By understanding their motivations we can ensure and secure the best talent for you.

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Our other services

If our Agency service isn’t right for you, we’ve got a whole range of other options that give you access to our technology and expertise. Here are the other services you can choose from:


Take advantage of our tech, data and expertise by embedding our talented recruiters directly inside your business. For as long as you need.

Senior Appointments

Every organisation needs great leaders, and we can provide them. We’ll help you find the best executives, managers and senior leadership to ensure your company has the direction it needs.


Let us take care of your project teams with Allen Outsource. We can provide you with a flexible, agile workforce and we’ll take care of all the details.


From mapping out your talent pool to creating a curated candidate shortlist, you can select from our services to access the level of recruitment expertise you need.

Our specialist sectors

We specialise in recruiting for engineering, life sciences, IT and finance companies. We can help you find any roles you need, so get in touch here to find out how we can help. Some of our previous clients include:


Accounting & Finance





Life Sciences

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