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Allen Senior Appointments: Securing the elite leaders your business needs to thrive

Access elite senior talent quickly and effectively

Why Allen Senior Appointments is right for you

Hiring the right senior leader can be expensive and time-consuming, but hiring the wrong one can be even more costly. The decisions your senior employees make will shape your business, and the wrong ones can lead to lost sales, low revenue, poor morale and more. Your business needs leaders with the ability, drive and understanding to take your company from strength to strength. So how can you make sure your organisation is hiring them?

Allen Senior Appointments is the answer. Our unique executive recruitment service combines a data-driven approach with AI to give us a full understanding of your talent pool, letting us uncover candidates that would otherwise go unnoticed. Our tech-first process recruits quickly and efficiently, getting senior leadership hires in place at speed. Most importantly, our experienced executive recruiters are experts at understanding exactly what our clients want from a role, ensuring we match you up with the most suitable senior talent around.

See how Allen Senior Appointments can find your organisation’s next leaders quickly and effectively.

Searching internationally for your next senior leader

Our process is unique, and it’s what allows us to consistently recruit the best executives who fit with our clients and their businesses. It starts with a simple conversation: we sit down with you to fully understand exactly what you’re looking for in a senior hire or C-suite candidate. This will cover everything from skills and qualifications to personality, and we’ll help refine your requirements if the candidate you’re looking for doesn’t exist.

Our executive search specialists then use our AI-powered search engine to scour all available digital sources for matching candidates, in addition to our own database. We’re able to recruit internationally across Europe, vastly increasing the size of any talent pool even for a senior role. This gives us a much larger talent pool in which to find a leader that matches your business’ requirements.

From there we can create a longlist and pare it down to a shortlist. If the right candidates for you are based internationally, we can ensure they’re brought on board in accordance with all regulations and tax laws. We work with you and the candidates throughout to make sure we’re providing you with the best senior appointment for your organisation.

We recruit the most elite talent to build your senior leadership team.

Why our clients love working with us

With access to 45 international digital sources and offices in 8 countries, the most talented senior appointments and C-suite candidates are always at our fingertips.

Our AI-driven automation reduces time-to-hire and frees our executive recruiters up for the important work of understanding your needs and ensuring candidates meet them.

We recruit with full compliance from countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, and all around the world, giving you access to an international pool of the most elite talent.

Our boolean search specialists and AI-powered search engine find senior candidates who would otherwise be invisible to you, giving you access to more talent than ever before and removing bias from the equation.

We get results, with an engagement rate of 70 percent and with 66 percent of the candidates we shortlist getting selected for interview.

Our innovative executive search process can find you the most suitable senior hires

Find your dream role with Allen Senior Appointments

If you want to take your career to the next level, Allen Senior Appointments is the way to do it. Our executive search service can quickly and effectively find you a role with some of the world’s most exciting and innovative businesses thanks to our automated processes. You have control throughout, booking appointments with our recruiters when you need them rather than constantly waiting for them to call you back.

Our recruiters will provide support and help you not only find the right senior roles, but to secure them. Whether you need help with interview prep or someone to help assess your career goals, we’ll be there to help. Our tech-first approach frees up our recruiters to understand candidates and find them the role that matches their needs.

Our AI-powered search engine even removes bias from the equation, ensuring you will never be passed up for a senior role because of something beyond your control.

Allen Senior Appointments can help you find your dream role.

Our team

We wouldn’t be anywhere without our incredible team of recruitment experts. Every one of them plays an integral role in our process, finding and securing elite senior talent for our clients.

Our boolean search specialists are experts in using our search engine to uncover the talent that meets client requirements. With dozens of factors to consider for each position, our specialists are crucial in order to ensure we’re always looking for the right people.

Our automated processes free up our talented team of recruiters to talk to clients and candidates alike about their needs, so we can fully understand what everyone is looking for in a role. This is the heart of everything we do, so our team need to be experts at uncovering exactly what your requirements are so we can be sure to fulfil them.

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