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Allen Embedded: Scalable, expert, modern embedded recruitment solution to fit in the heart of your business

Access our skills, tech and data, all within your office

Why Embedded is right for you

Are you dealing with a short-term uptick in hiring, and need more recruitment capacity? Are you losing out to competitors for elite talent? Are you finding your current recruitment department is falling behind the industry, and needs the latest tech, training and expertise? Or are you simply tired of being one of many clients your recruitment agency has to juggle? The answer to all of these and more is Allen Embedded Recruitment Solutions.

We’re not impersonal, third-party recruiters; we put our specialists in the heart of your business, working alongside you as part of your team. They bring our technology and data along with their expertise, meeting any needs and filling any gaps you have.

The embedded recruitment model is completely scalable, ranging from a short-term, part-time resource to an entire team working to onboard hundreds of new employees indefinitely. If you want to be part of the future of recruitment, all you have to do is embed us within your business. Wherever your business is based, we can be, we have offices in Ireland, UK, France, Poland, Belgium, Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands.

How does embedded recruitment work?

The way Allen Embedded recruitment solution works is ultimately up to you and completely customisable. Our recruiters can work remotely or from your office, for as many days per week as you need, and can work with you in the short-term or long-term, with the option to transition to be part of your permanent solution. Here’s what the embedded recruitment service will look like:

Step 1:
We hold a meeting with you to understand exactly what you need. We’re not expecting every client to know what recruitment help they need and for how long; instead, you tell us your problems and we’ll work with you to build bespoke solutions. By fully understanding your needs, we can provide you with the right combination of specialist recruiters, technology and data.

Step 2:
We embed our expert, specialist recruiters in your business. This can be done remotely, in-office or in a hybrid role, according to your needs. We can handle onboarding and training to make sure they are familiar with how your business works as soon as they start.

Step 3:
Our recruiters utilise our technology and their expertise to fulfil your recruitment needs, working alongside your existing recruitment team or on their own as needed.

Step 4:
This can continue as long as you want, and be scaled up or down as needed. We can completely offboard the recruiters until you need them next, or you can keep them on a long-term basis. We can even work to make them permanent employees of your organisation.

Step 5:
Everything can be priced and invoiced either based on time and materials, or on a fixed-price basis. Our team can be flexibly scaled-up and off-boarded, to de risk your in-house recruitment department.

Embed our specialist recruiters in the heart of your organisation.

Why our clients love working with us

Recruitment is a hard thing to plan for. You might have a handle on your staffing needs, only for a new project to spring up that requires specialist recruitment expertise your employees don’t have. That’s why we offer a flexible, scalable embedded recruitment service that can meet your needs even if they change from day to day.

Our innovative processes and tech-first approach have allowed us to create a more efficient, more flexible and lower-cost outsourced version of in-house recruitment. From automating candidate replies and scheduling to using AI-powered search to uncover a much larger talent pool, we are always developing our embedded talent solution method. By embedding our recruiters, our technology and our know-how in your business, you can gain access to all of this and take your recruitment into the future.

Achieve more effective recruitment with Allen Embedded’s end-to-end recruitment services.

Our Results

Over 70 percent of candidates engage with our messaging
Over 66 percent of our canddiates sent to hiring managers get selected for interview
In the last year our candidates gave us a Net Promoter Score of 60
2 out of 3 candidates we screen for a role dont get sent to the hiring manager

Our Team

Allen Embedded only works because we have a team of exceptionally talented recruiters we can trust to provide the best service to our clients. We take on and train specialists in everything from client relations to boolean search strings, creating a team that can solve any recruitment problem we give them.

These are the skilled recruiters who will be embedded in your business providing a seamless end-to-end recruitment solution. Each one is trained up in our latest tech and methodology to provide an exceptional recruitment experience, uncovering larger talent pools and locating candidates with key skills effectively and efficiently.

Learn more about our expert team

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