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25 years of talent acquisition expertise powered by Al, in an out of-the-box, scalable and flexible in-house RPO solution.

Data and Technology now makes Recruitment Processing Outsourcing a viable option for SME’s in all sectors.

Why Allen Embedded

We utilise AI, machine learning and automation tools to keep ourselves at the cutting edge of talent acquisition. 
We provide a fully scalable solution with a flexible contract and a transparent monthly cost.
We use data and an established company profile to ensure we only hire talent that best fits your organisation.
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We help you replace staff easily, quickly and at no extra cost, keeping the effects on your business low.
Reduction of cost per hire by up to 50%, by utilizing more efficient technology and using fewer people.
Reduce your time to hire by 50% by utilising our cutting-edge technology to streamline your talent acquisition process.
Our solution is quick to deploy, easy to use and can be scaled to up to 100 hires a month.
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Up-to-date details of all the candidates you’ll ever need will be in your own private candidate database.

What is Allen Embedded

Allen Embedded is an in-house or talent acquisition service solution that brings the best thought leadership, recruitment technical advances, and data techniques from the Agency Recruitment world into the Talent Acquisition world. As an embedded recruitment agency, we weave the best of recruitment technology not available in talent acquisition, and the latest data techniques into a highly automated solution that dramatically reduces the people required to operate it.

Imagine your own private candidate database with all the talent you may need to hire in the next 3-6-12 months up to date, already aware of your company, and interested in hearing about your new jobs as they become available.

No rogue hires, we consult with you and conduct an analysis on your company to agree company profiles. Our technology, people, and expertise as your talent acquisition function.

How is Allen Embedded delivered?

Research & Analysis Phase 
This initial phase is to understand the types of profiles the company has hired and will likely need in the next 3/6/12 months. Using our Talent Intelligence team and our labour market data knowledge through Allen Analytics, we will work with you to develop and agree your desired company profiles. This will include factors such as location, education, experience, skills, prior company experience, budget etc.

Harvesting Phase 
We then harvest all possible candidates from 35 different public data sources, weaving this data into a candidate profile and load these candidates into your database. We will use data enrichment tools to ensure that any change in the candidates status or online data will be reflected in the candidate database within 24 hours.

Marketing Phase 
Our candidate marketing team will take our templated marketing material and work with you to develop co-branded candidate marketing material. Using closed (non-public) marketing techniques, each candidate will be approached and engaged with over a period of time to build their awareness of your company and what it is like to work there.

Vacancy Phase 
Once the company has a hiring need, our Client Manager works with the Hiring Manager to develop and agree the vacancy description: published job title, must-have skills, experience level, budget, screening questions, work mode, interview process, etc.

Once our Client Manager releases the vacancy in our system, our AI matching tool will match the curated candidate pool from above and select the most suitable candidates.

Delivery Phase 

Due to our use of automated candidate reach outs and scheduling software, only candidates that are genuinely interested in the job book in our Client Manager’s diary. We will conduct a detailed screening call, which will determine suitability based on the agreed screening questions such as education, experience, location, culture fit, career drivers etc.

Candidates will be given detailed information preparation before the interview. When selecting candidates for interview, the interviewer will get extensive notes on the candidate, their original cv, and visibility over all communications from them.

We will bring the candidate to the offer stage, and then the decision-makers must decide on making an offer, bringing it to acceptance, onboarding, etc

Why is this needed now?

When companies stopped recruiting recently, they let go the majority of their talent acquisition teams as they no longer needed to hire and had to cut costs. Some of these companies are thinking of hiring in 2024 and they need a cost-effective, scalable, and flexible solution for their in-house talent acquisition.

If you are a startup/scaling company, you may be looking for a seamless and data-driven hiring process that fuels your growth. We will learn your culture, understand your needs, and source high-quality candidates that perfectly match your vision. No more wasted time, no more mismatched hires.

Building a dedicated talent acquisition department takes time, resources, and expertise you might not have right now. Imagine having the best thought leadership, recruitment technical advances and data techniques embedded within your organization, working alongside your leadership to understand your unique needs and culture.

Achieve more effective recruitment with Allen Embedded’s end-to-end talent acquisition services.

Our Team

Our technology solution has been developed with over 25 years of recruitment expertise and utilizing the latest technology available in recruitment.

Allen Embedded only works because we have a team of experienced professionals that we can trust to provide the best service to our clients. Each one is trained in our latest tech and methodology to provide an exceptional recruitment experience.

Learn more about our expert team:

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