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Allen Analytics

Learn from data analytics how you asa hiring manager can fill that open role or as a candidate find your next job.

Recruitment has a reputation as a fast-paced sales industry, one where hirimg manages and job seekers akile are not 100% sure that the story being told is a sales ploy or the truth. The data does nto lie……

That’s why we decided to create Allen Analytics.

Our data ……

Access the latest data

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Allen Analytics is a virtual safe haven for hiring managers to discuss recruitment with peers across many different sectors, and to learn from each other’s expertise. Our round tables take the form of a discussion between people in similar industries to see what can be learned from each other when it comes to talent acquisition. We act as facilitators, seeding the discussion and giving each round table structure, but the focus of each one is on you, not us.

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Community members will be able to come along and share ideas with peers, hopefully sparking discussions you can use to improve your hiring in your business. You will be able to connect with like-minded professionals and build up a network of contacts. With Allen Connects, we want to help everyone learn, grow, innovate and ultimately, connect more hiring managers with more great candidates.

Who can benefit?

Allen Analytics is for Hiring managers and Job Seeks alike. Not all th data is relevant to both parties.

About the Data

Allen Analytics updates its data every 3 months and we base these reports on a number of different sources and our own extensive knowledge of the markes and locations we operate in.

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