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How can we improve your recruitment?

Hiring people can be quicker, easier and more effective – we’ve achieved all three. Let’s bring your recruitment into the future.

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We interact with 30,000 candidates each month, constantly updating our records and scanning for new talent, ensuring we are aware of all available talent. 
  • Our engagement rate is over 70%, and we’re always working to improve this.
  • More than a third of the candidates to whom we reach out end up talking to us about job opportunities.
  • We make sure we’re only sending you the people who are the best possible fit, which on average means you only interact with a quarter of the candidates we talk to.
  • Our track record is excellent, with around two-thirds of the candidates we send to our clients getting selected for interview.

Your recruitment could be quicker and easier, saving you money. Your talent pool could be growing, not shrinking. Your entire hiring process could be bias-free and a positive experience for your candidates. All of these things are not only possible; they’re an everyday reality for us and our clients. But how do we do it?

What do we do?

We got rid of every recruitment technique that wasn’t fit for purpose and built an entirely new method of finding talent, using everything from machine learning to AI to automation. We’ve found it’s much more effective when it comes to tackling the problems companies have with taking on talent, and solves some of the main problems that have been plaguing recruitment for decades.

Here’s how it works:

Working with our clients, we spend time uncovering exactly what each role needs, from qualifications to personality. We can then use our AI to look for these job requirements without any bias or prejudice coming into play.

Our machine-learning-powered search looks through over 200 international job boards and databases to find every viable candidate, even if they’re not actively searching for a job. Shrinking talent pools are no longer a problem when technology allows us to be this thorough.

Contacting every candidate can be time-consuming and greatly increase your time-to-hire. That’s why we’ve automated the process. Our software contacts each candidate up to seven times within five days, and allows them to book in a chat with one of our recruiters, streamlining the whole process.

That frees up our recruiters to focus on what really matters: making sure candidates are the right fit for our clients. We can also make sure the candidate experience is as positive as possible, with time dedicated to keeping them in the loop and making sure they are a good fit with our clients’ culture.

Our Locations

Our specialist sectors

We specialise in recruiting for Engineering, Life Sciences, IT and Finance companies. We can help you find any roles you need, so get in touch here to find out how we can help. 


Accounting & Finance





Life Sciences

Our services

Allen Agency

If you like what you’ve seen so far, Allen Agency is the right option for you. This is our complete package, offering everything above and more. We’ll work with you from the start of your recruitment process to the finish, and you only pay us if we successfully place the right candidate in your role.

That means talking with you to truly understand the requirements of your job, so we can find the most relevant talent. It means searching in an expanding radius, starting out close to your office and moving outwards until we have enough candidates, even if it means searching internationally. It means dedicating our time to in-depth interviews, so we don’t recommend anyone to you unless we’re absolutely certain they’re a right fit for the role and your organisation.

We can provide you with staff whether you need permanent, contingent, contract or temporary employees. If you want to see how we can take on your recruitment, all you need to do is get in touch.

Our other services

If our full agency service isn’t right for you, we’ve got a whole range of other options that give you access to our technology and expertise. Here are the other services you can choose from:
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Allen Intro

For no fee, we can promote your job on our site, screen candidates for you and even give you advice on your job ad.

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Allen Mapping

Do you know what your talent pool looks like? With Allen Mapping, we can find out for you. We’ll uncover the skills of candidates in your local area and show you the demand for them, showing you why you’re having problems filling your roles.

identify icon

Allen Identify

If you’re looking for a longlist of candidates, we can find it for you. We’ll use our AI and search technology to provide you with a list of suitable talent, as well as a report detailing everything you need to know about them; then we can leave the rest up to you.

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Allen Engage

How do you turn a list of potential candidates into a shortlist for interview? Allen Engage can help. We’ll whittle your longlist down to the best possible options based on your requirements.

Allen Outsource

If you need a flexible, agile workforce, we can provide that for you. We’ll manage your staff and take care of everything from on-boarding to payroll, based on your projects and deadlines.

Allen Senior Appointments

Every organisation needs great leaders, and we can provide them. We’ll help you find the best executives, managers and senior leadership to ensure your company has the direction it needs.

Get in touch to unlock your recruitment potential.

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