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Do you have problems with organising and managing monitoring projects 24/7?

Sustaining a reliable support system isn’t an easy process. Without the right structure and process efficiency, 24/7 services can become a hassle that distracts core operations from other, more crucial competencies.

Having a robust, highly effective operations division delivers cost optimizations, workflow stability, and active management that can resolve most of the user issues. Proactively identifying and resolving potential issues is key to optimising your support service in a big-picture way.

But scaling a team to this level comes with some unique considerations that range from cost and location to language and local customer demands.



Several factors can lead to difficulties with your team adhering to the standardised procedures, including:

  • No growth opportunities: The roles oftentimes do not have a career trajectory internally – they are entry-level positions that initially require minimum input, yet still need to be accomplished. Being a one-to-one role with no opportunity to advance, people’s perspective on the job is short term and temporary from the start – this contributes to the lack of effort being put into delivering a quality service.
  • No adherence to ISO standardized procedures: Inadequate compliance with ISO standardized procedures hinders seamless customer service – it increases errors and leads to missed KPIs.

The best way to maintain optimal operational focus is to ensure seamless integration across a single point of contact, service desks, and help desks – whether they are for the entire organisation or just specific departments – that have embedded 24/7 support, system monitoring, alarm and ticket processing, basic technical support, escalation issues resolution, workflows, and knowledge bases.

The complexity of all of this can seem overwhelming, as often businesses rely on outdated workflows and experience periods of downtime, causing employees to spend their time finding solutions to problems they don’t understand instead of getting on with their work.



These downsides illustrate just a few reasons why you could benefit from a team of dedicated experts that can build any kind of technical support infrastructure from the ground up. This implies skilled & tech-oriented agents, smart management, a solid workflow, and comprehensive knowledge base.

These strategies can be as simple or as advanced as your customers’ needs demand. Ideally you are looking for services that can range from a front-line triage team for achieving quick first responses, to solving simple, documented cases and escalating to back line support as necessary, all the way to full end-to-end customer care and cross-functional collaboration.



Our decades of recruitment experience in the field allow us to find the right quality of people every time. We have the equipment and expertise to establish new departments and teams from scratch using the tools and know-how that enables us to do the same thing in production, development, or any kind of customer support, regardless of the business environment.

To solve the lack of motivation when it comes to career progression, we have built in several solutions to counter this perspective, starting with creating roles to enable these individuals to grow within their job titles, such as:

  • Junior Monitoring Agent
  • Senior Monitoring Agent
  • Team Lead
  • Regional Team Lead

Additionally, our standard operating procedures have a strict adherence to our predetermined service-level agreements. There are checks and balances within these protocols that allow us to strictly control the quality of service – we have been fortunate enough to have a 99% adherence rate to the service-level agreement. Our ISO-certified tech team lead ensures that the team complies with the policies, and our tech stack enables us to immediately flag any deviations that occur along the process.

Our team can provide complete solutions for human resourcing, from finding suitable candidates, and performing interviews to training and onboarding, assigning a correct number of people for a specific project, setting up a shift schedule, and establishing procedures and workflows.



Outsourcing your services to an external team is ultimately a time and resource saving measure which can also relieve you from infrastructure, hiring, and training costs.

Our solution provides all of that for you – We design client-specific, scalable 24/7 multilingual tech support (L1 & L2) with in-depth expertise, training system, and more, ensuring full-cycle problem solving & reporting, as well as quality assurance and top-tier CSAT score.

You can benefit from unlimited scaling and shrinking with Allen Recruitment when you need this. Decrease average handling time, update you regularly on the team’s progress, access to the latest tools & best practice and let your staff focus on higher-level customer demands.


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