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How to hire in Ireland

To learn all the information required to hire in Ireland, check out our recruitment extensive guide in this country.

What the guide covers:
  • How to hire long term temporary or contingent workers in Ireland
  • How to permanently hire in Ireland
  • How to fill limited company contract roles in Ireland

Need help with your hiring in Ireland?

We’ve got a whole range of service options that give you access to our technology and expertise. Here are the other services you can choose from:


We’ve completely rewritten how recruitment is done to make it quicker, easier and more effective for you. We’ll find you the best candidates possible, no matter where they are located or if they are actively job hunting. Our machine-learning-powered tech lets us easily narrow down the top talent without bias, leaving you with only the most relevant options.

Senior Appointments

Using retained search and extensive market analysis, we can find the most suitable senior leadership candidates for your organisation. From initial longlisting all the way through to offer negotiation and onboarding, we will have a dedicated team working exclusively on finding the perfect fit for your senior role.


Big projects require specialised teams and specialist recruiters. Rather than taking it in-house, you can leave everything to us. Whether it’s a team of two or 50, we’ll hire, onboard, manage and offboard them for a fixed monthly fee so you only need to be concerned about the quality of the service.


We offer our in-house payroll, onboarding, and contractor care services as a standalone solution for pre-identified candidates. This service offers different levels of employee care when payrolling for your remote employees in Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, UK, Poland, and Spain.


For internal recruitment, we embed our specialist recruiters within your organisation so you can access our expertise. Our flexible, scalable and low-risk solution builds on your technology, uses labour market data analysis to bring your internal recruitment strategy and delivery into the future of recruitment.

We think differently about recruitment

We’re not interested in providing a generic and 360 recruitment process; we excel at every service we offer. This means understanding exactly what hiring managers are looking for from candidates, then turning to our search experts to research where to find talent that fits these needs. It means understanding what each candidate is looking for through detailed screening, so we can secure the right talent for each client. It means working with elite recruiters who are specialists in their fields, so every step of the process is taken care of by an expert.

Whether you are looking for an agency solution, an outsourced support team or a senior appointment, our flexible and specialist recruiters will be there to provide you with exactly what you need. All of our talent solutions are built on what we excel at, so you’ll never be getting anything other than the best services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our expert Irish team specialises in recruiting for a wide range of industries, including IT, Finance, Tech, Telecoms, e-Commerce, and Engineering and Life Sciences sectors.

Yes, Allen Recruitment Ireland hires nationwide, with jobs available in Dublin, Cork, Galway and more. We can recruit across the whole of Ireland.

There are various options for hiring an employee in Ireland, including temporary and permanent contracts. Allen Recruitment has created an in-depth guide to recruiting in Ireland to help you navigate and understand the different employer requirements and laws.

Once you have found a remote worker that you want to hire in Ireland, you can either hire them directly or via their company as a contractor. You must make sure you comply with all Irish requirements as an employer, please refer to our guide to hiring in Ireland for more information.

We can prove that Data and Technology is the Future of Recruitment

The way we recruit is not what you might expect. We’ve rewritten the rulebook and taken a tech-powered, people-first expert approach that finds candidates that are the perfect fit for you.

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