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Allen Embedded

Make your in-house recruitment team flexible, low-risk, and data and technology-driven.

Contact us today to find out how we can complement your existing in-house recruitment team with a scalable, low-risk and flexible team of certified recruiters tooled up with the latest recruitment data techniques and tools.

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Do you wish you could have an in-house recruitment team that can scale up and down as you need?

Is your in-house recruitment team using the latest data, techniques and tools to help you make the best hiring decisions possible?

Is your existing team under resourced but you are not able to make a permanent commitment and need some flexible scalable assistance from the best in the business?

That’s why we’ve decided to help with Allen Embedded, your in-house recruitment team powered by the latest recruitment data, technologies and techniques delivered in a low-risk, flexible scalable, and cost-effective way.

The future of recruitment powering your business.

We’ve rewritten the way recruitment works. Rather than having just one recruiter juggling with many clients, we place dedicated teams trained in our methods and techniques within your business to work exclusively alongside you. By combining their specialist industry expertise, our proven methodology and a true understanding of your business through being embedded inside it, our teams are able to source elite talent that matches your requirements.

Everything works to your specifications. We can be as flexible as you need, from working alongside your team for short-term projects all the way to building you a fully functioning recruitment department.

All of this is made effective by our AI and machine-learning powered search, fuelled by candidates from 45 international digital sources. All of this is yours to access when you opt for Allen Embedded, giving you the ability to supercharge your company’s recruitment with our data, tech and expertise.

Our certified trained recruiters, embedded within your business, will hire the right candidates for your organisation, finding the talent that best matches your needs. What’s more, our tech-first approach removes bias from the equation, ensuring we are able to match you with elite candidates that meet your exact requirements.


Clients remain in control of their recruitment, with full transparency over the whole process. They can manage it as much as they like, or simply leave their embedded recruiters to their work.

The client controls the recruitment related data helping to future proof your investment and protect your business.

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Allen Recruitment has decades of experience building the recruitment methodology of the future, and Allen Embedded is an easy way to embed that methodology within your business.

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Allen Embedded can provide any level of service that is needed, from short-term recruitment of small teams to the full creation of a recruitment department. It can all be turned up or down at short notice depending on your business needs at that time.



Allen’s best-in-class technology and machine-learning powered search is one of the most effective ways of hiring candidates, and businesses can gain access to it by embedding it within their organisation.

The use of automations and smart scheduling technology reduces the manpower required compared to traditional in-house recruitment teams, making this a very cost-effective solution.


The Allen methodology that has led to us being the future of recruitment is available for clients to use as much or as little as they like. This methodology can even be taught to new recruiters, creating a department for you that is quick, efficient and effective at finding the most suitable talent around.

Who we are

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At Allen Recruitment Consulting, we look at recruitment differently. Our cutting-edge solution uses a combination of machine learning, automation and years of expertise to find the best talent, rather than relying on out-of-date methods and exhausted data sources.

When we want to recruit for a job, we don’t just search LinkedIn and put an advert on a job board. We use AI power search to comb 45 different international digital sources to find all the relevant talent – not just the available. We’ve automated contacting them, meaning our recruiters are free to spend their time with our clients’ hiring managers and candidates to understand their needs and drivers

Our methodology is based on a complete search of all the possible talent who can do your job and who may be interested in what you offer. Our candidate marketing automations intelligently engage and seek out the talent who are interested in your company and role. Our scheduling software gets commitment from these candidates reducing dramatically offer rejections and auctions to the company who pays the highest salary.

Allen Analytics are at the forefront of transforming recruitment processes by leveraging data-driven strategies, which enable businesses to make more informed hiring decisions, optimize their talent acquisition efforts, and engaging with candidates that you would never have reached.

Corner stones of our methadology

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1. Market Map

Where does the talent you need work and live? What are their salary expectations? How likely are they to move jobs? We provide you with all this information and more, based on live data that is constantly being updated. Find out how this improves targeting and results here.

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2. Identify

Do you normally struggle to get a list of potential candidates? We call this stage Allen Identify and it can provide you with exactly this. We comb over 45 digital global sources to find the candidates who are right for you. Learn how here.

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3. Engage

Our all-around candidate marketing service, which we call Allen Engage, markets your job to the long list of potential candidates and brings them to the screening stage. The whole process can be customised to meet your needs and make sure we successfully engage with the best talent. Find out more here.

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