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The impact of Allen Embedded’s technology on talent acquisition

More and more companies are turning to an embedded model, where embedded partners provide staff to work within a client’s business on a longer-term basis.

This has a wide range of advantages for the business in question. Companies can benefit from the skills and expertise of elite talent acquisition specialists while still maintaining visibility and control over their recruitment process. It enables them to be flexible, meeting demand as needed and scaling projects up and down as required.

However, while there are a few similarities, Allen Embedded is a different, more innovative solution. While other embedded solutions focus on embedding talent acquisition staff in your organisation, we go one step further; we also embed our technology, processes and AI in your business to truly revolutionise the way you hire.

We’ve been developing the way we recruit for years, and our tech has always been on the cutting edge of talent acquisition. Read on to find out how your business can benefit from our technology and expertise with Allen Embedded.


How does Allen Embedded utilise technology?

The technology we use is multifaceted, and when embedded within your business we utilise it in a number of ways. We pride ourselves on being able to offer you an out-of-the-box solution that is still flexible to meet your needs, and scalable for whatever your recruitment requirements are. Here are some of the ways we use our cutting-edge tech.


Talent pool development

One of the challenges of recruiting for any role is building out an accurate talent pool. Without knowledge of the overall candidate market, it is hard to know anything from how many applicants you will have to what salary you should offer. Our technology makes sure you have access to this information constantly, so you can always assess your recruitment situation accurately.

Our Allen Analytics data analytics tool will help you assess the talent pool in your desired area, building out a profile for you that details the type of candidate you’re looking for. This can include basics such as your preferred candidate’s level of education, experience and skills, as well as where you would like them to be based and the salary you are offering.

Once we establish an agreed company profile, all possible candidates will then be harvested into your own private database, full of every relevant potential hire from 35 different online sources. We use data enrichment technology to keep this database up-to-date, with every change reflected within 24 hours, so you always have an accurate picture of your talent pool. All whilst ensuring full compliance with GDPR.


AI-powered hiring

Artificial intelligence can be used at many stages throughout the recruitment process, but we utilise it most when we’re trying to attract candidates. For example, we use AI to quickly and effectively develop job adverts. This covers everything from how to advertise the must-have skills to the most effective job title in order to attract your ideal candidates.

AI is also used to match candidates in your database with the role for which you’re hiring. Once this job is set up, it is a simple process to find a longlist of candidates whenever you need one, at the touch of a button; no more recruiters poring over hundreds of CVs trying to find acceptable candidates.


Automated candidate messaging & scheduling

Finding candidates for a role is only part of the process. Part of traditional recruitment involves a lot of contacting passive candidates manually to encourage them to have a conversation. This is time-consuming and has a mixed record of success. With Allen Embedded’s tech solution, we can automate the whole process. We utilize automated candidate messaging and scheduling tools to enable candidates who are genuinely interested in the job to book in our diaries.


Employer branding

Your company will be marketed to each candidate across multiple channels using our automated marketing tools, starting before you begin recruiting. By the time you are ready to advertise for a role, the potential candidates should already want to work for you. Thanks to our innovative personalised marketing technology, they will.


Why use Allen Embedded now?

Recent trends in talent acquisition saw a lot of companies let go of the majority of their talent acquisition teams. While this was often the best option at the time, it now leaves many businesses in a difficult position. Recruiting at scale means hiring new talent acquisition teams, which is something organisations are reluctant to do.

If you are thinking of hiring, you need a flexible, scalable solution that provides excellent results for your money. Allen Embedded can provide exactly that. By integrating our technology into your business along with our people, we can give you the ability to hire at scale without needing to take on any permanent talent acquisition staff.

While we are data and technology-driven, we understand that one of the most important aspects of recruitment is matching your company’s culture. Our embedded teams make sure they fully understand your needs, your vision and the kind of people who will fit in the best with your business.

If you want to achieve more effective recruitment with Allen Embedded’s end-to-end talent acquisition services, get in touch today.


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