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What is recruitment process outsourcing?: Allen Outsource Explained

Many companies find it challenging to outsource their operations. But if you want to make a greater impact with your business, it’s hard to avoid it.

Should you continue to do everything yourself or will you ultimately outsource tasks and projects? And how do you find good staff? As contractors and temporary employees are expensive to hire and maintain, sometimes the decision to not perform a certain effort internally is strategic and budgeted.

Allen Recruitment has broadened its range of available services as a recruitment agency to some of our clients by actively offering our (RPO) Recruitment Processing Outsourcing solutions with our new offering, Allen Outsource. As part of Allen Outsource, connections are managed beyond service agreements. Cooperation in maintaining and securing a trusted relationship is critical in our outsourcing efforts.

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

With Allen Outsource, your flexible workforce becomes our responsibility – we deliver the temporary and permanent workforce you need to ensure your systems run smoothly and efficiently. At Allen Recruitment we focus on technology, especially machine learning and automation. Recruitment Process Outsourcing ensures that the most important business processes are in line with the requirements of temporary and permanent staff.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing services include:
  • Solutions for entire Teams of qualified engineers.
  • Establishing any type of Team from the ground up, according to your needs and independent of the project scope.
  • Fully independent Support Team based on the project requirements.
  • 24/7 support solutions based on or off-site.
Recruitment Process Oursourcing Case Study

Over the busy bank holiday weekend, with limited staff, there was a case of equipment failure used to deliver continued 24/7 service. Because of the clear communications channels, detailed knowledge base in place, and a group of engineers in the team with versatile backgrounds and experiences, the issue was promptly resolved among the Team members on active duty at the time. When the information about the incident was escalated to the Team Lead, a temporary solution was formerly in place, securing the durability of continual service to our client. The root cause of the incident was instantly identified, and backup solutions were set in position among the required update of the internal knowledge base and procedures.

The success of this approach was proven anew when the same incident occurred for the second time, as now the Team had proper solutions in place, it was resolved without the need to raise any warnings, and a resolution was delivered in routine. Our team of experts used the data gathered by analysing akin incidents not only to deliver proper solutions in place for that incident, but we also use a methodology that identifies any similar gaps in the process among other segments of the project designs. This enables us to proactively bring necessary measures in place where the same didn’t live ahead. This approach redounded in the perpetual enhancement of offered support services, adding fresh value through invention to the supported design with time.

We can deliver this service on the highest level by:
  • Strictly following set procedures and workflows.
  • Working together with our client and their experts to identify and overcome any potential gaps in the process.
  • Establishing clear communication channels.
  • Using the best practices in the industry, emphasizing constant and proactive improvement.
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It depends entirely on your situation whether you need to outsource your payroll or hire temporary workers. Does the situation rapidly demand extra staff that you cannot find yourself? Additionally hiring temporary workers is a good option. Whether you must deal with time-consuming and complicated executive processes, repetitious conduct that takes time, and that you prefer to leave to someone different, by using Allen Outsource as an outsourced recruitment service we take over all executive processes from you and you have your hands free to completely concentrate on your work. That is the convenience of Allen Outsource.

We’re not the only ones who think our system works; we continue to find top talent for 5 of the top tech companies and 5 of the top financial services companies globally. Find out more about how we can help you with your recruitment needs here.


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