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Hire internationally without having an HR department

Being a growing company involves prioritizing resources. You might now be at the stage where you are looking to hire internationally but don’t have an HR department yet. Establishing an HR function across multiple geographies might not be feasible in the short term when the focus is on improving your product or service.

As the company expands, it becomes crucial to allocate resources effectively. Building out HR departments in different countries can be advantageous in the long run, it may not always be financially affordable or practical when the primary focus is on enhancing and refining your product or service.

The decision to hire internationally without an HR department presents certain challenges but also opens up new opportunities for companies looking to tap into global talent pools. By exploring alternative methods of managing international hiring processes, businesses can navigate this complex task with efficiency and success.

In this article, you will find out what’s the most effective way to onboard the best talent without having to worry about legal, HR, or geographical limitations.

The challenge of hiring abroad without HR department

Hiring abroad presents numerous challenges and complexities that require careful consideration. One of the main hurdles is the extensive paperwork and time-consuming process involved. In order to expand your business internationally, you must establish a separate company in each country where you wish to hire employees. This entails navigating through various legal intricacies, including different tax and employment regulations specific to each country.

Furthermore, expanding into a new country also means venturing into unfamiliar territory with potential language barriers. Acclimating to these new surroundings may take some time as you familiarize yourself with the local talent pool and adapt your talent acquisition strategy accordingly.

Creating a separate payroll function is another crucial aspect when hiring abroad. Each country has its own unique set of payroll requirements, which must be properly addressed to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations. From understanding tax obligations to implementing appropriate benefits packages, attention to detail becomes paramount in successfully managing an international workforce.

Moreover, cultural differences can significantly impact how effectively you approach local talent acquisition efforts. Understanding the nuances of a particular culture’s work environment and professional expectations is essential for building strong relationships with potential candidates.

Despite these challenges, expanding your hiring efforts overseas can bring about valuable opportunities for growth and diversity within your organization. By carefully navigating legal complexities, adapting recruitment strategies according to local customs, and investing in effective communication channels across languages, businesses can successfully overcome obstacles associated with hiring abroad without an HR department.


If you are planning international expansion, outsourced recruitment services like Allen Outsource, is a great option to consider. This service can make your life much easier by providing a comprehensive all-in-one package.

Benefits Of Outsourcing International Hiring

Outsourcing the talent acquisition function can offer numerous advantages for businesses, particularly when it comes to international acquisitions. By partnering with a local agency that has a pan-European presence, companies have the opportunity to transform this external entity into their very own HR department. This strategic move not only saves valuable time and resources but also proves to be a cost-effective solution.

In order to fully leverage the benefits of outsourcing international talent acquisition, it is essential for organizations to carefully select an agency that possesses the capability to hire across multiple countries. At Allen Recruitment, we pride ourselves on our extensive network throughout Europe, enabling us to successfully execute your talent acquisition strategy seamlessly. Moreover, our comprehensive services extend beyond mere recruitment; we also provide invaluable support in terms of international local payroll management and HR assistance for all employment arrangements including permanent positions, contracts or contingent roles.

One of our key strengths lies in our multilingual and locally-based team members who possess an innate ability to engage effectively with candidates in their native language. This linguistic advantage facilitates seamless communication while fostering meaningful relationships built on trust and understanding.

By entrusting your talent acquisition needs to Allen Recruitment’s proficient team with expertise in navigating various European markets, you can rest assured knowing that your organization will gain access to top-tier candidates from diverse backgrounds across multiple countries. Embracing outsourcing as part of your global expansion strategy allows you not only tap into new pools of talent but also ensure compliance with local regulations while minimizing administrative burdens associated with hiring internationally.

We’ve written extensive guides on how to hire in different countries across Europe, with all the information on what’s needed for local compliance in each country.

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Allen Outsource

Outsourcing the talent acquisition function is a great, cost and time-saving opportunity where a local partner agency with a pan-European base becomes your external HR department and does all the hiring for you.

We recommend hiring an agency that can hire in many different countries. At Allen Recruitment, we have entities across Europe with recruitment agencies in Ireland, UK, Poland, Spain, Sweden, France and the Netherlands, so we can effectively deliver on your talent acquisition strategy, as well as provide international local payroll services and HR support for all types of employment (permanent, contract, or contingent).

Our multilingual, local staff are able to engage and communicate with the candidates in their native language, building relationships, and trust.


You focus on growing and delivering your core business roadmap while we help you grow your team with full local HR, legal, and tax compliance. Moreover, you can get local market knowledge from our experts and can be prepared if you plan to expand further in the future.

If you are interested in knowing more about what we can do for your company and learning more about our full complement of recruitment services check out 

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