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Hiring Someone That Was Laid Off

With many job seekers currently searching for their next employment opportunity, employers can capitalize on the potential to tap into talent that is rarely available, this could be in the form of someone who was recently laid off by your competitor. Hiring new talent and improving your workforce now will allow your business the advantage to gain a competitive advantage when the economy improves.

The Current Recruiting Challenges

Using our experience with clients and knowledge of the market, we have discovered that companies are currently faced with a number of hiring challenges:

  • May have a permanent head count freeze but still need specific talent for projects.
  • Don’t have access to available talent or don’t know how to find them.
  • Can’t move fast enough to secure this talent (or too slow in finding them).
  • Might be uneasy hiring given the uncertainty in the market.
  • Currently unable or uneasy about using recruitment agencies for financial reasons.

Benefits Of Hiring Laid Off Individuals

Despite the uncertainty in the market currently, many companies are actively recruiting. Companies that are hiring at the moment may encounter several specific prospects:

  • Access to talent – hire talent that has worked with major blue-chip companies such as Google, Meta, Twitter etc. and then been laid off
  • Window of opportunity – access to talent that won’t be available in 6-12 months’ time.
  • Employing gig workers – the opportunity to hire temporary workers or independent contractors if you have a permanent head count freeze.
  • Added skills and experience – employee knowledge & experience that can add to the value of your company in the short term and increase its capabilities in the long run.


Working closely with our clients, our first objective is to find out what their needs are and how our flexible solutions can solve their problems. Our team is equipped to source, headhunt and manage employees, as well as hire and employ pre-identified candidates on your behalf across Europe.

Allen Recruitment can support any type of contract (permanent, temporary or contract). In terms of hiring and payrolling temporary/contract workers, we can offer a number of high touch services, such as RPO solutions or full-service recruitment agency services, that suit employers and employee’s needs:

  • Our local country entity ensures local compliance with registration procedures, employment contracts, payroll, HR regulations and tax law.
  • Our services can allow staff to work remotely or move to your preferred location, if required.
  • Client and employee contracts are issued both in English & additional local language, if applicable.
  • We deliver the full service in house with no hand offs to local suppliers.
  • We have local on the ground staff with both English & local language support.
  • We pay temporary/contract workers on time, irrespective if you have paid us or not.
  • Our billing solution is simple and convenient – we can bill clients in their preferred location and currency and can offer delayed payment terms if required.
  • We can provide a full breakdown of fees with no hidden charges and our services can be invoiced as a service or outsourced fee if required.
  • If there are different currencies, we can hedge the currency to fix the rate for the term of the project.
  • Our onboarding team smooths the local onboarding process and can help with additional services around relocation and governmental documentation.
  • Local technical support to deliver the tech kit workers need to get started.


Businesses that take advantage of hiring during a recession can come out of hard times better prepared for the future. A highly skilled workforce will allow your business to cope with the bad times and ultimately thrive in better times.

These added skills and experience can add to the value of your company in the short term and increase its capabilities in the long run.

As an international recruitment agency, we have access to a wide talent pool of candidates across Europe. We are here to help employers grow their workforce abroad or expand the roles of their locally based contractors efficiently and compliantly.


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