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Top 5 Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

It has become the custom for job interviews to end with a question directed at the candidate – “Do you have any questions for me?” The question signals the close of the interview. While it is tempting to snap out the word “no” and escape the hot seat, doing so may result in the automatic failure of the interview. When you ask questions at the close of your job interview you show the interviewer or committee you were listening while they spoke. They garner insight into how you would fit into a specific role and where you would devote your energy. You convey your interest in the company and showcase what a good fit for the team you would be. The questions to ask in a job interview are critical to its success.

Here are the top 5 essential questions to ask in an interview – no matter what the job.

  1. What is the best part of working here?
    Asking what the best part of working at the company illustrates positivity. Companies love an employee who pays attention to the bright sides of things, boosts morale, and enjoys what they do. Also, by asking the interviewer and/or team members what they love about working at the company you will hear about perks and experiences that may not always be shared until after the hiring process is complete.
  2. Can I meet my potential colleagues or have a brief tour of the workplace?
    While this question may seem presumptuous, it shows your serious interest in the position. A tour allows you to observe the office, colleague interaction, and workspace details firsthand.
  3. I recently read that…
    Ask about the company or organization you may work for by being specific and well-prepared. Research the company, starting with their website, and ask relevant questions to build rapport with the committee and demonstrate your research skills.
  4. How would you define success for the person in this position?
    This question helps you understand what the job will entail and also presents company expectations. You may be able to gain insight into the daily routine, how many hours you are expected to work, and how leadership views success.
  5. Do you see any reason why I might not be a good fit for the job?
    This question helps you close your interview with a chance to clarify misconceptions, elaborate on topics, and showcase your skills. It leaves the interviewer with a last positive impression of why you’re the right fit for the job.

Bonus Tip:
Always remember to have a list of questions to ask prior to your interview. You don’t want to show up empty-handed or forget to ask a few questions at closing. Don’t grill your interviewing committee with twenty questions, but reserve a handful like the ones listed above.


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