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Hiring & payrolling temporary/contract employees in Spain is too challenging

Spain’s lifestyle, affordability, natural beauty, and business-friendly environment are some of the biggest perks that have made it a desirable location for multinational companies to establish their operations. However, finding and managing skilled professionals isn’t always straightforward, particularly for employers venturing into foreign markets and trying out new talent pools.


Obtaining a temporary recruitment license in Spain is intricate, and navigating the laws governing temporary/contract employment, as well as a lack of familiarity of the Spanish market, can make it challenging for businesses to integrate locally.

At the same time, recent changes in temporary recruitment laws in Spain have added a layer of complexity to the hiring process. It is also understandable that companies may be concerned about ensuring a great candidate experience without a Spanish presence and would rather rely on a team of local experts to handle the entire process.


Spain provides an attractive employment market opportunity in many aspects. Aside from being a desirable location to work from due to its quality of life and good weather, it offers attractive opportunities in terms of growth, talent enablement and staff retention, especially as many industries in the country are ramping up quickly.

On top of this, university graduates from Spanish institutions are highly valued internationally due to their academic and professional standards. Thanks to the quality of education, Spain has highly skilled workforces with a competitive edge.


The process of hiring and onboarding talent in Spain without proper support could pose a challenge to employers. We’re here to make that experience seamless.

Allen Recruitment helps with all aspects of employment in Spain:

  • Our legal entity in Spain ensures local compliance with registration procedures, employment contracts, payroll, HR regulations and tax law.
  • Our team is equipped to source/headhunt and manage employees across Spain as well as hire and employ pre-identified candidates on your behalf.
  • We can support any type of contract (permanent, temporary or contract).
  • Our billing solution is simple and convenient – we pay employees in the local currency and can bill clients in their local location and currency.


When it comes to hiring in Spain, our clients benefit from a hassle-free process, tailored to the local standards and cultural considerations that come into play, managed by our local experts who will take care of every step. The support of our dedicated local finance, legal, and HR teams ensures we provide a prioritised employee experience.

As an international recruitment agency, we have access to a wide talent pool of candidates across Europe. We are here to help employers grow their workforce abroad or expand the roles of their locally based contractors efficiently and compliantly.

How can we improve your recruitment?

Hiring people can be quicker, easier and more effective – we’ve achieved all three. Let’s bring your recruitment into the future.