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can’t find me the right quality of candidates
Not getting the quality of candidates for our Hiring Managers I thought I would get in Spain

A recruitment professional can make a significant impact on the success of an organisation – they help companies secure the best talent and job seekers find their ideal workplace. Finding top talent can be tough for hiring managers on numerous fronts – there are only so many hours in the day and there are endless obstacles internal recruiters can face in creating a strong talent pipeline.


While building a talent pool for hiring managers, recruitment professionals are often faced with a number of challenges such as:

  • Finding a broad range of candidates, but few who meet the criteria for the role.
  • Having difficulty understanding the technical specifications required for the role.
  • Not having the necessary time to spend daily on building the candidate pool.
  • Dealing with hiring managers who are highly selective about what they demand.


Sometimes it is reasonable to ask for additional help. By engaging with a leading-edge agency internal recruiters can alleviate some of the pressure on themselves and also increase the satisfaction of hiring managers.

We are not marketers or recruiters. We are technologists first and data scientists second. Relying on our data-driven approach, we solve this for our clients by doing things differently:

To fill any role, we need enough potential candidates:

  • Interested in working for our client’s company, within their budget and selected location.
  • Who we believe are qualified to fill the position our client requires.
  • Currently seeking employment or potentially interested in a move.

On average this number is 117 candidates.


Our Data Scientists do detailed analysis of our client’s criteria and establish the potential talent pool – we call this a Talent Intelligence Report.

Here is an overview of our process:

Based on data from 69 paid subscription databases and publicly available information, we will provide the analysis for our Account Manager who will manage the search. In cases where more than 117 potential candidates are identified, we will proceed.

Otherwise, we make a set of recommendations to our client as to which variables they should consider adjusting in the job specifications and why – this enables our client to make a calculated decision to move the parameters, expanding the potential talent pool and increasing the likelihood of filling the position.

Our recruiter will review the candidates in detail, in order to come up with a long list, which will then be filtered. Using a library of automations, tailored for different types of candidates, job types, industries, and locations the recruiter together with the Account Manager select the most suitable candidates for our automations to reach out to.

A sample would be as follows:

  • The automations will be set to contact the candidate through a series of emails and possibly texts over the course of 5 days, resulting in either progressing to the next stage or stopping, based on their response rate.
  • Our system tracks what is opened and clicked throughout the interaction and calculates the engagement score. If there is a high engagement score, but no communication from the candidate, the system prompts the recruiter to call them.
  • With the above filtering, we narrowed down our 117 candidates to 80, a quarter of which will be interested in our offer – we will be proceeding to book screening calls with them.
  • This will lead to a screening of 15 applicants based on company and culture fit, CV and motivation.
  • The top selected will be reviewed in detail by our Account Manager who will listen to the screening and review the notes. If they agree with the recruiter’s assessment, then the CVs will be submitted to the client for review.


Quality Data research, proper adjustments, effective filtering, engagement, and intelligent screening enables us to find the most suitable candidates for our clients.

The technology-based approach we use allows us to remove the administrative burden that manual spreadsheets and notebook-based recruitment approaches have – freeing up our recruiters to carry out detailed and meaningful conversations with our candidates.

As opposed to traditional methods, in which recruiters couldn’t reach every potential candidate, automation and data science make it possible for our team to connect with all those most suitable for the job.

How can we improve your recruitment?

Hiring people can be quicker, easier and more effective – we’ve achieved all three. Let’s bring your recruitment into the future.