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Obliterate the top hated buzzwords from your CV

While drafting your CV it’s easy to revert to your generic, and most commonly used buzzwords. STOP! Step away from the keyboard and remember what you are applying for and if the hiring manager really wants to see their least favourite words appear in your application.

Your tone of voice and choice of words can have a massive impact on your CV. Many career coaches and recruiters have openly expressed their loathing feelings towards the most recycled buzzwords people continue to use. Check out the top ten below:

  • Loyal
  • Energetic
  • Motivated
  • Enthusiastic
  • Client-focused
  • Team player
  • Hard worker
  • Strategic thinker
  • Passionate
  • Detail-oriented

So what do these ten words all have in common; they are non-descriptive, unfocused and in general very uncreative (how ironic considering what you are trying to achieve by utilising them).

In a recent interview with best-selling biographer Christopher Sandford, LinkedIn asked why these words are used more often than not. Christopher suggests that people would rather belong with one another than try something different and make their CV stand out by replacing the above phrases.

So once you highlight all of the above; the next step is to eliminate these dull phrases from your CV and replace them with words that actually describe what you achieved throughout your employment.

  • Managed; I managed the new internal starters.
  • Developed; I developed a new social media methodology.
  • Initiated; I initiated a new CRM platform for the company.
  • Achieved; I achieved my target sales figure for that year.

Highlight keywords related to your abilities, skills, and qualifications sought by the hiring manager. Focus on telling a story about your last/current role and how this experience will correlate towards the job you are applying for.

What can you add to the organisation? What is the main skillset you can offer? How has your previous experience prepared you for the role? Once you answer the main questions you can then pop in a few buzzwords to sell your answers.

In an overactive job market, with a record number of people applying for your job, it takes a lot to stand out. This is why it will take a lot more than a few punchy words to earn an interview. So, the question is, have you recognised any of the above phrases in your CV, if so, it’s time to hit the backspace button.

Choose to stand out from the crowd by cutting the nonsensical jargon and your one step closer to your dream job today! Your first introduction with hiring managers is through a CV. So, leverage this opportunity and give examples of how you fit the description they’ve written.

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