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Make your dream job a reality in 2019

January is FINALLY over and done with February well underway and you didn’t change a thing, you can’t seem to lose those extra Christmas pounds, your gym membership remains unused and you’re still sitting at your desk fantasizing about your dream job.

As a recruitment company we can’t help you out with a new juice diet, or the best moves to get you going in the gym. However, we can offer some assistance when it comes to finding your dream job in 2019. Dreams can come true after all.


This may seem slightly obvious but sitting there wondering why your career goals aren’t coming together won’t make things fall into place. It’s true what they say, something worth having, never comes easy. So, start setting out a plan to help you achieve your dream job and your one step closer to getting it.

Step 2 – Decide what job you want

There are so many areas to work in each industry, therefore saying I want to move into management is too vague. Do you want to manage a team in HR, IT or manage a series of projects within your field?

Think about what you are doing now and be realistic. Your next role may not be the full dream but it’s a stepping stone to where you need to be. So, look for the next step up in your career, maybe it’s a bigger company, or managing a larger team.

Consider the things that matter, like the location. Where can you work or possible move to? Decide what companies you want to work for and search whether they have openings within your dream area.

Step 3 – Get cracking on that CV

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised by some of the CVs we have seen over the years. Your CV must be flawless and a true reflection of the job you are applying for.

One size does not fit all, and this couldn’t be truer for your CV. Depending on the company and job description, you must present your CV accordingly. Don’t forget to update your LinkedIn page too, with any examples of your work showcased when the hiring manager goes searching (and they will).

Step 4 – Make a plan

Decide how you will begin your search and application for your dream role. Develop a plan of attack (draw your sword) and focus your attention on where to look.

  • Ring up recruitment companies and see what opportunities they have.
  • Apply through companies directly.
  • Network like your life depends on it.
  • Keep track of your applications.
  • Follow up, recruiters and hiring managers are busy people so a quick call can put your application front and centre.

Step 5 – Take a few risks

Bill Gates didn’t get where he is without taking a few risks in life. Put yourself out there and if you receive a few knocks come back even stronger. Bring your passion and knowledge to the job interview and the rest will fall into place. Companies like nothing more than friendly, qualified and enthusiastic candidates who want to work for their company so bring your best self to the interview.

Start step 1 today and you are heading in the right direction for 2019, oh and don’t forget about that gym membership too!

Start your job search with Allen Recruitment today – we have junior, mid-level and senior openings with multinational companies across Ireland, the UK, and Poland. 

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