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How to get the most from your recruiter

Whether you are actively looking for your next role, or just open to hearing what’s happening in your industry, communicating with recruiters is part of the process. 


Finding the right talent for an organisation is the number one priority for employers, so it is no surprise that so many use staffing agencies to fill these roles successfully.


As a job seeker, it can hard to know how to utilise your relationship with a recruiter. Here are some top tips below that will help you get the most from your recruiter. 


Set your goals 

Know what you want from the next phase of your career. Do you want to be part of a larger organisation, do you enjoy leading teams, what is your niche skill? Answering these key questions will help your recruiter identify the right opportunities and organisation for you.


Get your CV up to scratch 

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, isn’t it a recruiter’s job to fix up my CV. The answer is both yes and no. Remember, your first introduction with a recruiter is your CV, so have it at an acceptable standard, and make the right impression from the get-go. Once you have your foot in the door and your recruiter on side, you can then work together to create the ultimate CV.


Be dependable 

When an interview or meet up is scheduled, it’s essential to follow through with this commitment. Building a long term relationship with a recruiter opens up a lot more opportunities. Things happen, and sometimes life gets in the way, so keep the lines of communication opened with your recruiter and let them know if anything changes.


Work together 

When you first reach out to a recruiter, you may have a role in mind or something you think is suitable. Perhaps you aren’t the right fit for the position you initially thought. Instead of going right while your recruiter goes left, work with them and be open to the opportunities they can offer. Finding a candidate their ideal role is a number one priority for a Recruiter.


Get feedback

Working solo means you sometimes don’t receive the accurate feedback from an organisation post-interview or application. Working with a recruiter as your middle man means you can gain feedback from your interviews and job applications. As recruiters are there to assist you with your career goals, be sure to ask for feedback so you can keep improving.


Treat recruiters as your hiring manager 

Bring your best self to your recruiter and treat them as you would a hiring manager. Be professional and respectful. The way you conduct yourself with your recruiter is an accurate indicator of how you will represent yourself in an interview situation. You want your recruiter to have full faith in your abilities and put you forward for any opportunities they have.


It’s a busy market out there, and a recruiter can assist you in achieving the best outcome possible. So next time you work with a recruiter be sure to use the above tips and get the best for your career and from your recruiter. 

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