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Consider Poland for your next job opportunity (you won’t be disappointed!)

According to the latest figures from The Global List, Poland’s growth and economy continues to rise year on year. From 1995 onwards Poland has, “become the fastest-growing large economy in the world among large countries at a similar level of development.”

Over the last number of years, the Polish government have developed better opportunities for young professionals, offering better education systems and improved the quality of living.

In 2018, Poland was class as a “Developed Economy”, according to FTSE Russell, who are global index and data providers. With the economy continuing to grow steadily, The World Bank have forecasted 3.5% growth for the Polish economy in 2019.

So, it seems all roads are headed in the right direction for this European country, but growth figures aside what else makes Poland a jobseekers first choice.

Cost of living

There is no denying that the cost of living is a massive factor in our decision as job seekers and where we are willing to relocate to. The cost of living in Poland isn’t just average, it is among the cheapest in Europe. According to the latest Eurostat figures, Poland is 42% cheaper than its European counterparts.

To give you an example, with figures from 2018, the monthly cost of living for Poland was €829, while London’s monthly cost of living came in at €1,926, Luxembourg followed with €1,811 and Dublin in Ireland came after that with a monthly cost of €1,753.


A person’s income is a considerable factor when changing jobs, so it’s good to know that the average level of income in Poland surpassed two-thirds of the average level in Europe in 2018.

Each industry wage differs, but when the rising income rates are paired with this countries low cost of living it leads to extra cash at the end of each month.

Job opportunities

According to Eurostate, Poland’s unemployment rate sits at 3.8%, which is below the European Union average.

The country has also become one of the largest business process outsourcing/shared services centres (BPO/SSCs) in Europe, meaning a high number of foreigners are considering Poland for work. In fact, if you’re on the other side of things, recruiting internationally then you might want to learn more about recruiting in Poland here.

Some multinational companies include:

  • Toyota Motor
  • Google
  • Asseco Group
  • HP
  • Amazon
  • Poznan Volkswagen
  • RBS Poland
  • FCA Group

There is a multitude of opportunities in top international corporate companies (SSCs, BPOs) – IT, finance and CS with languages. Furthermore, the working environment is one of multicultural, multilingual, new and modern office infrastructure, where the labour law favours employees.


Poland is often referred to as the ‘cross-roads’ of Europe, as it sits in the centre of many countries. As a highly developed country, it has a large and modern network of transport infrastructure.

Poland continue to develop its transport system and infrastructure, making it easier than ever to move with ease to its neighbouring cities such as Berlin, Prague and Vienna.

Nearly all Polish cities have advanced public transport systems which are easily accessible and very affordable.

Healthcare & Safety

Healthcare is extremely competitive in Poland, with private healthcare available at a cheaper rate than other countries. Most companies in Poland include a health care package as part of their company benefits. Moreover, Polish hospitals and their medical staff are of the highest calibre.

Safety is paramount if you are relocating to a country, so it’s reassuring to know that Poland is one of the safest countries in Europe. Out of 162 countries Poland is ranked 17th in safety, according to the latest figures from Safe Around.

A bonus

Poland has big discrepancies between winter (up to -20 Celsius) and summer (+30 Celsius). So, it provides the best of both worlds, good conditions for winter skiing and hot summer months to follow.

Nightlife also boosts this countries reputation, with Warsaw offering a range of diverse pubs, bars and nightclubs. Other Polish cities such as Krakow can provide the highest density of bars across the globe.

So, with tons of positives it would seem Poland is one of the most attractive European cities to consider for your next job move. Cost of living and work-life balance come hand in hand and Poland has both.

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