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6 Ways to Boost Your Happiness and Productivity at Work

It’s not always easy to maintain a positive outlook throughout the workday. Often, it’s simply not possible to control the stressors, your work environment, or the attitudes of your coworkers. With all of these factors, staying happy and productive at work can prove to be a challenge. However, maintaining a good mood at the office will be much easier if you follow these proven methods regularly.

  1.       Go for a walk

Any physical activity will help boost your mood, but studies have shown a multitude of benefits to walking specifically. It increases productivity in the workplace and has a myriad of health benefits to boost. A walk doesn’t require much investment of time or energy, but it can go a long way towards improving your mood during the workday.

  1.       Get plenty of sleep

Being sleep deprived is a sure-fire way to put yourself in a bad mood. Being tired can make you irritable, unfocused, and an overall grouch. Chronic sleep deprivation – even just as much as a week of getting fewer than six hours a night – can cause genetic changes that negatively impact your cognitive abilities. That’s got to be all the reason you need to strive for eight hours. A good night’s rest is the foundation for your mood and ability the next day.

  1.       Practice mindfulness

It may sound a bit new-age for some, but the proven benefits of practicing mindfulness at work speak for themselves. In fact, many of the world’s top companies have instituted mindfulness programs to help their employees embrace this mindset. The practice of mindfulness has been shown to reduce stress and depression, lower blood pressure, and improve memory.

  1.       Eat Well

Nutrition plays a critical role in maintaining a good mood at the office. If you are constantly in the throes of a sugar high/crash scenario, you are likely to be irritable and moody. If you are hungry, you’re probably not feeling very focused. It can seem too hectic to find time to eat well during the workday, but it’s crucial to your happiness that you make your nutrition a priority.

  1.       Take time to socialise

It may seem counterintuitive to productivity, but studies have shown that employees who have a “best friend” in the workplace are more engaged, overall. You spend an awful lot of time with your coworkers, so taking the time to build meaningful relationships can have a dramatic influence on your happiness. Building a sense of community and comradery with your office mates should make the days seem a lot more fun and will keep you actively engaged in your work, boosting your productivity.

  1.       Express gratitude

Studies show that those who express gratitude show marked improvements in both psychological and physical health. That’s cause to smile any day! Expressing your thankfulness in the workplace will create a positive environment and will leave you in better shape than before, happier and ready to do your best work.

Happiness and productivity often go hand-in-hand, and any of the above endeavors should put you well on your way to improving both. Getting plenty of exercise, sleeping an adequate amount, staying mindful, eating healthily, taking time out to socialise, and expressing gratitude should be priorities during your workday. The better you can master these six practices, the better you’ll be able to handle all of the challenges that your job throws at you.

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