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4 Reasons to Consider Temp Work Today!

The world of work is continuously changing, with a job for life now considered a distant memory. Year on year the contingent workforce continues to rise in Europe and before the market downturn, one in four employees were in a temporary contract in Spain and Poland, according to the latest figures from Eurostat.

Previously, temporary roles have gained a bit of a bad reputation, but with the increase every year in both the job sector and employee participation, this is a thing of the past, even more so now. With redundancies and furloughing during the market downturn happening on a large scale in some places, there will be more excellent talent on the market, greater competition for jobs and a flexible attitude towards temp roles might just be the way to go.

If you’re still uncertain as to why you should be considering contract work then look no further. Here are Allen Recruitment’s top 4 advantages to choosing temporary/contract employment.

Gaining Experience

Experience is everything, and there is no better or faster way of gaining this than through a contract role. Contract roles can provide opportunities to learn new skills and expertise, in many different companies and cultures.

It can also make you more adaptable as an employee and will provided a steep learning curve, which will see the temp learning a variety of new skills in a short space of time.

Working with Great Companies

So, who are the companies recruiting temps? Really the question should be what companies aren’t recruiting temporary employees for their organisations. Temp employees offer numerous benefits to employers, hence why everyone’s at it!

Multinational companies are leading the way for contractors, with organisations such as Google, Apple, Intel and Facebook choosing to create numerous contract roles. American companies continue to house the highest number of contingent workers, with close to 40% of America’s workforce working in a contract role by the end of 2019.

Work/Life Balance

It’s the one we all want, that fine line between work and your private life. Sadly, in a world where we now work more hours than ever before, this balance can be hard to find.

Full-time staff are usually bonded to an agreed set of hours and days, with overtime a real possibility in most cases. Whereas, contractors have flexibility over the length of their contracts and in some cases the days and times they work. As some temp roles are created to serve a certain project, this can mean the freedom to pick and choose the work arrangements and days.

Full Time Opportunities

Hiring staff is a pricey ordeal for organisations, so this is why contracting is on the rise. Companies can give you a 6-month contract and then determine your fit for a full-time role. So, if a company is impressed with the work you do, they may choose to turn the contract role into a permanent one.

This works both ways, contact roles can be a great way for you to see whether you want a full-time position in this company, working in that role. Just like test driving a car you can see if this role is a fit for you and something worth pursuing permanently.

What Next?

As employers start to revisit their hiring plans from before the market downturn, there will likely be more temporary contracts to fill immediate gaps for roles that were paused or scrapped where the function was still needed. This will inevitably lead to a a diverse range of interesting contract opportunities that could be the perfect next step, especially if your role has been compromised during the market downturn.

If you are interested in securing a contract position as your next role it would be worth giving the Allen Recruitment team a call. This is an opportunity to get your foot in the door with some of the largest multinational companies across Ireland, the UK and Poland. We also have various guides on the recruitment landscape in the countries that we work in, including a recruitment guide to Poland which you might find interesting for further reading.

Whether you’re just interested in hearing more or you are currently on the lookout for your next career move, contact Allen Recruitment and speak to one of our experienced consultants.  They’ll help you find out more about our available positions, and whether one of them is just right for you. Call us on +353 1 6694040 or email us [email protected] to find out more today.

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