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21 Years Young

Little did Louise Allen think in 1998 that she would be celebrating her 21st year in business in 2019. 21 years is by no means an average accomplishment especially working in a business that deals with employment. These 21 years has seen some significant cyclical recessions as well as booming employment demand.

Looking back on these triumphant years Louise reflects, “I allow myself a wry smile when looking back on the wonderful naiveite of our business drivers to re-invent the business of recruitment in Ireland, not of what we wanted to achieve, but the timeframe that it would take us to achieve this.”

Starting from scratch in a new industry is no easy task, to begin Louise carried out some research into recruitment and saw an opening for Allen Recruitment. “I was at a juncture in my own career, looking for a strong career move, having worked inhouse in IT departments, Global Software Product Companies and Technical Consulting firms.”

“I invested weeks meeting with recruiters in leading recruitment firms and saw an opportunity to deliver a more knowledgeable, holistic approach to Recruitment in the Tech Sector – change was urgently needed.”

Over the years Allen Recruitment have finessed the business of 360 recruitment working predominantly in the technology sector with an amazing bunch of people, staff, clients and working with Enterprise Ireland.

“Now in 2019 we know that we have reached the new pastures reflective of our 21-year old vision. We have completely re-engineered the processes, systems and organisational design supporting ‘full cycle’ recruitment underpinning our niche, contingency based and retained search activities, serving the business of global technology leaders as well as R&D firms emerging onto the world stage with offices in Ireland, UK & Poland for jobs based across every continent.”

Budding entrepreneurs in 2019 can gain some advice from Allen Recruitment’s founder, “it’s good to be a little naive, and not have every single insight or fact along your planned roadmap.”

“You don’t need to know everything, but you do need to be passionate and value your product. Be comfortable embracing the word ‘Yet’ in your mindset.”

Louise attributes the success of Allen Recruitment to the technology and software that seamlessly integrates and supports every single activity within the business, freeing up the researchers, talent scouts, sourcers and recruiters to do what they enjoy most – finding and engaging skilled talent and supporting them on their journey.

With 21 years of success, knowledge and an ever-evolving business, the future and next set of years looks very bright for Allen Recruitment, who continue to work with some of the biggest clients in Ireland and the rest of Europe and remain a true consultant to their candidates.

“To being 21 years young, I smile and toast the vision that has become the reality, the people and candidates that we have worked with, the clients that partner with us on a daily basis, the amazing team in Allen Recruitment , working from 3 continents, excited for what today, tomorrow and the future will hold for us all.”

Contact Allen Recruitment in our Dublin, UK or Polish, Spanish, Belgium, Dutch, Swedish and German offices when you are looking for a dedicated and professional recruitment consultant to assist you in your next career move. Call +353 1 6694040 or Email [email protected]

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