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Adjusting Your Talent Recruitment In Sweden

When you are recruiting, you want to find the right candidate and preferably within no time at all.

There are 3 tips you could use to become a smart recruiter and find the best talent for your organisation in Sweden. The secret to all three is thinking about the job seekers first. If you can save the job seekers’ time, you will eventually save your own time. In this article, we will show you three recruiting tips on how to find the right talent and become a smarter recruiter. Instead of the classic saying “customer first,” think about “job seekers first.”

According to the Labor Department, the average cost of an employment disaster is up to 30% of the employee’s first year’s salary. Bad hires can lead to lost productivity and costs to hire, recruit and train replacements –

These are our tips to help you avoid these unnecessary costs and adjust your talent recruitment strategy in Sweden:

3 Tips For Talent Recruitment In Sweden

1. Broaden your search

The first step towards smarter recruiting is recruiting where your ideal job candidate is. When you have set up your ideal candidate persona, you should also know where this person exists, on social media channels, or via email or a phone call.

You need access to more than just one marketplace. There is a whole talent pool that will be hard to find/ identify on your own and companies need access to a talent pool. You need to make sure you have identified these talent pools and place yourself where your ideal candidate is.

2. Creating the right advertisement and making sure it gets seen by the ideal employees, even the passive ones

Once again, make sure to save time by saving the time of your potential candidate too. Are you looking for a person who is more used to a computer or a smartphone?

Have you built your job ad or marketing plan with these behaviours in mind? If your website or job ad is designed to a desktop version and your ideal candidate persona only uses a smartphone or vice versa, you might lose out that person’s attention because of the wrong format.

The second aspect is if you are sharing and posting your job ads on social media channels if your ideal candidate is a daily and an experienced social media user. Sharing and posting your jobs where your future candidate is will be one of the differences between recruiting and smart recruiting.

Another aspect of this is your language. Is your language attractive to your ideal candidate? Do you use words that are more attractive to women or men? For example, bear in mind that there is a different language to communicate to people from the IT industry than to banking or marketing industry. Also, avoid using the same template for all your adverts. Customise your language according to role, business branch and seniority. Avoid making your job add a job description, make an advert that sells the role.

3. Global Mobility – Remote work/Hybrid

Lastly, Global Mobility is a great advantage available to companies to strengthen their operations by drawing on a diverse pool of talents required to succeed in today’s business environment.

When you look for talent all over the world, you increase the possibility of finding the best talent from global markets. In Sweden, there is currently a shortage of skills in certain occupations. One solution is to recruit from other countries.

International recruitment also has other advantages. Strengthening ‘Diversity’ is regarded very favourably as it brings benefits on several levels such as access to alternative ways of thinking. New recruits, with their experience of other countries and business climates, can see an operation in new ways and use different approaches to solve problems and develop products. Our talent and recruitment experts have produced an in-depth guide on hiring in Sweden so you can learn everything you need to know about Sweden’s labour market and laws for employers.

We also have a dedicated recruitment agency in Sweden if you are looking for extra assistance in your talent acquisition.

The language skills and market knowledge a recruit from another country possesses provides a company with new ways to enter potential markets. If your company is considering a new export market, there is much to be gained by getting hold of local knowledge about customers and competitors, especially when it comes to the spoken and unspoken rules of business life.

There are also purely human aspects – a job in another country means new experiences, new knowledge, and a chance to grow. What is more, whether the person is from a neighbouring country or the other side of the world, bridges are built between cultures and people. It arouses curiosity and broadens horizons.

Isn’t it cool to see your business through someone else’s eyes and realise your ideas make the grade?

Hoping for more tips? Try our blog How to Downsize and Still be able to Grow .

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