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Allen Recruitment’s Candidate Testimonies

It was almost 2 years ago, when Alina Chernetsova took a leap of faith and moved from Russia to Ireland, and began her working career with Google, in a contract role.

I suppose you could say, Alina is contract enthusiast!

“You feel more freedom and less obligation. You have the opportunity to work in a big world leading tech company with some of its benefits, like a new modern office and free training provided at the beginning of your journey, where you learn a lot about the role and the company itself.”

Of course, Alina knows that with all its incentives, this occupation style also suits a certain individual, “there is always a risk that the project you were hired for will end sooner than you and your employer thought. It means that you have to be flexible and be ready to move on and find another opportunity.”

Christopher Pingeon is another individual who wanted to take the chance, and enhance his CV by working with a multinational IT company, like Google. “I saw this contract as an opportunity to broaden my skills in communication and support in a big Tech company, and to work in the private sector.”

Christopher’s contingent role was an initial 3-month contract, which has since transformed into a longer contract, working for Allen Recruitment in Google.

A passion for the company and the sector you are about to embark on are key deliberations before entering into a gig role, “Leaving a permanent or long-term contract for a short term one at first is something you definitely have to think through it’s worth it if you believe this position could help you in your career path. I certainly don’t regret it!”.

Keith Young, is currently working with Allen Recruitment on his second contract, in Microsoft. Keith was on the road to his job for life, working a little over twelve years in Microsoft, but then began looking for new opportunities.

“Having made the decision to resign my position in 2012 to pursue other interests, I subsequently started looking at new opportunities. I was approached about taking on a temporary contract role with Microsoft. Looking at the job spec, I felt I could bring significant experience and the necessary skills to it while also being able to learn something new and acquire new skills.”

Just like Christopher, Keith agrees you need to have your priorities set out before transferring to the world of contingent work, but he says, “For me, working on contract has afforded me the opportunity to continue working in an environment I thoroughly enjoy being part of without needing to be in the thick of things.”

Working with a recruitment agency may sometimes seems like a daunting experience, but our candidates found an occupation to be passionate about from doing just that, Christopher Pingeon said, “The experience has been really great and very professional with Allen Recruitment. Both my manager and accountant are very friendly and have always replied within a day to all my questions.”

Alina also vouched for Allen Recruitment and our recruiters throughout her search for work, “Recently I have had the pleasure of working with Recruitment Consultant Andrew Ginnety. Andrew has always given me a value-added assistance in all that was asked of him.”

Like every aspect of life contract work comes with its ups and downs but the benefits seem to override the disadvantages, as many candidates who have worked with Allen Recruitment in gaining contingent work, have not only took the leap of faith leaving permanent roles, but have since went back for a second slice!

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