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We think differently about recruitment

We’re not interested in providing a generic, 360 recruitment process; as an international recruitment consultancy, every service we offer is something at which we excel. This means understanding exactly what hiring managers are looking for from candidates, and then turning to our search experts to research where to find talent that fits these needs. It means understanding what each candidate is looking for through detailed screening, so we can secure the right talent for each client. It means working with elite recruiters who are specialists in their fields, so every step of the process is taken care of by an expert.

Whether you are looking for an agency solution, an outsourced support team or a senior appointment, our flexible and specialist recruiters will be there to provide you with exactly what you need. All of our talent solutions are built on what we excel at, so you’ll never be getting anything other than the best services.

We do things differently to deliver better experiences for candidates, hiring managers, interviewers and recruiters. We reduce time to hire, improve the quality of candidates, provide a high candidate shortlist-to-interview ratio, and fill more roles.

Our services


We’ve completely rewritten how recruitment is done to make it quicker, easier and more effective for you. We’ll find you the best candidates possible, no matter where they are located or if they are actively job hunting. Our machine-learning-powered tech lets us easily narrow down the top talent without bias, leaving you with only the most relevant options.

Senior Appointments

Using retained search and extensive market analysis, we can find the most suitable senior leadership candidates for your organisation using our senior appointments agency service. From initial longlisting all the way through to offer negotiation and onboarding, we will have a dedicated team working exclusively on finding the perfect fit for your senior role.


Could your internal recruitment department be achieving more? Whether you’re under-resourced, understaffed or simply don’t have access to specialist skills and latest technologies in-house,  Allen Consulting will be there to fill in the gaps and do the heavy lifting for you. You pick and choose where and how we help.


Big projects require specialised teams and specialist recruiters. Rather than taking it in-house, you can leave everything to us. Whether it’s a team of two or 50, we’ll hire, onboard, manage and offboard them for a fixed monthly fee so you only need to be concerned about the quality of the service.


For internal recruitment, we embed our specialist recruiters within your organisation so you can access our expertise. Our flexible, scalable and low-risk solution builds on your technology, uses labour market data analysis to bring your internal recruitment strategy and delivery into the future of recruitment.


We offer our in-house payroll, onboarding, and contractor care services as a standalone solution for pre-identified candidates. This service offers different levels of employee care when payrolling for your remote employees in The Netherlands, France, Spain, Sweden, UK, Poland, and Ireland.

Why Clients Like Working with us

Over our 25 year history, we have consistently been among our clients’ favourite providers. Here’s why:

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We make it easy for you from start to finish. You will have a single point of contact even when recruiting international hires, and all documents, licences and other requirements will be ready to go.

We are the recruitment industry leader for innovation and use of technology, giving the most effective process around. We use data in everything we do, and we share this with our clients.

With 1.32 sends per interview request, we can provide the best candidates around. Our innovative recruitment methods are quick and convenient for everyone involved, giving us a Net Promoter Score of 93.

We’re not just interested in ticking boxes; we make sure the candidates we put forward are a good fit for your company culture.



We know recruiting across borders can be a headache, but we’ve made it simple. We manage international payroll and contract management as needed for our clients, all in full compliance with local tax law.

We are compliant with the regulations needed to provide our service in countries across Europe and around the world, including:

  • A full Business Registration Certificate, VAT / TAX registration and local business bank accounts for the territories in which we operate.

Our story

Our story started in 1998 in Dublin, Ireland, but we really got going as international recruitment consultants just five years ago. We’ve always aimed to use technology to improve recruitment, which tended to be high-effort and low-quality. Five years ago we found the final piece of our puzzle in the form of an automatic call-scheduling tool, and since then we’ve become the future of recruitment agencies.

We’ve gone from 12 people in a room in Dublin to being an international recruitment agency with offices in seven countries and a team living in 12 different countries. As a leading recruitment consultancy in Dublin and Ireland, we make permanent, contract and temporary/contingent placements in IT, Finance, Pharma across the many countries we are in and more.

To find out more about how we can help you achieve recruiting greatness

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