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Benefits of Being Inexperienced

Perhaps one of the most frustrating plights of job seekers is the paradox of needing to have the experience to be considered qualified to get experience. Finding the right role is hard enough without the added complication of having to search out a company willing to take a chance on developing an inexperienced employee. However, being a relative rookie isn’t all bad! In fact, there are quite a few positives to still having a lot to learn. The better you can articulate the positives of your position, the better chance you’ll stand of landing the dream job when you find it.

1.      No bad habits

One of the nicest things about being a newbie to something is that you have not had much of a chance to develop bad habits. Employers often rely on employees with extensive experience in a particular field or skill set who typically have developed a specific way of doing things. However, in the real world, adaptability usually produces the best results. The organization can gain significant benefits by bringing in and training relatively inexperienced talent to work in the way that best suits its needs. These less-seasoned employees don’t come with any preconceived notions or bad habits and may be far more flexible than their more well-versed counterparts.

2.      Unbridled enthusiasm

Burnout is a very real problem in the workplace. However, it is far less of an issue when dealing with inexperienced employees. Whether it’s a new skill, a new industry, or an entirely new career, the untried employee will be far more resistant to burnout. You’ll be learning something new and will have the energy and enthusiasm to prove it, which could infuse your next workplace with much-needed energy and excitement.

3.      Great developmental opportunities

Hiring a less experienced employee provides an opportunity for internal development and engagement compared to a seasoned veteran. While requiring more front-end training, an eager and motivated employee with plenty of runway for future development can reassure the employer.

4.      A fresh perspective

Perhaps the biggest value-add that an inexperienced employee can bring to the table is a fresh perspective. While having someone who’s “seen it all” can be handy in the workplace, it may also lead to an overly narrowed focus. It’s easier for those who haven’t had such a specific experience to think about problems from different angles. For organizations looking to infuse a fresh viewpoint and creative ways of looking at problems, bringing in some inexpert talent may make all the difference.

To bridge the gap between inexperience and your next career move, emphasize your flexibility, enthusiasm, openness to training, and fresh perspective to hiring managers. Highlighting these qualities is critical in persuading a hiring manager to invest in your development. Doing this well can be your ticket to the next level in your career.

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