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10 Ways to Win the Fight for Happy at Work

Let’s be honest.  Work is not always synonymous with happy.  Whether it is just the daily grind or a career that is less than your passion, happiness doesn’t always flow naturally.  Regardless, this doesn’t mean you have to put it off.  The true masters of the workplace can find happiness amongst it all.  So here are 10 easy tips for staying happy at work.

  1. Start your day in a good mood
    Now this might seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many people have miserable morning routines and then blame work for not cheering them up.  If you can’t find a way to at least on the best of days walk into work happy, then you putting a heavy burden on your actual job to do that for you.
  2. Avoid toxic co-workers
    On the off chance you did happen to make it to work in a decent mood, let’s not ruin it by spending time next to the people who didn’t and never seem to try. You know exactly who I am talking about in your office when I say toxic co-worker.  If someone’s desire is to bring you down to their mood, then you don’t need them.  And if you don’t know who that toxic person is in your office, then consider it might be you!
  3. Make someone laugh
    It is hard to find too many people who can walk away from having just made someone laugh and not feel happy.  Take it upon yourself to spread a little joy and see how that lifts your spirits.
  4. Always be nice to the new guy  
    Everyone feels good when they have done a charitable act and let’s be honest, some new guys are not always a social hit. Take it upon yourself to be a welcoming face and feel the joy that follows.
  5. Eat a healthy snack
    Yes, you could raid the vending machine for those cupcakes, but they never really make you feel that good afterwards.  Stocking your office with nuts and fruits can provide you mind and body with the feel good boost it needs.
  6. Squeeze in something physical
    Now if your job is inherently physical, then you might need to alter this tip.  However, for much of the office world, sitting is the norm.  Squeezing in a few office exercises can stimulate the body and brain and refresh your spirit mid-day.
  7. Be Productive
    Now this should really be obvious.  People can malign the work they do all day long, but a human soul knows when they are being productive or not.  Everyone takes some joy in the completion of a task whether it is tedious or grand.  You don’t need your boss to motivate or malign you over productivity.  It is a path to your immediate joy, so pursue it on your own.
  8. Work for yourself  
    You will spend a great portion of your life working, so why not do a little bit for yourself. The meaning is that your current job doesn’t have to be all about your employer.  Whether you utilize it as a means to gain valuable experience, foster key relationships, or simply pursue your passion, contemplating what you can get out of the work can get you through some particularly dry seasons at work.
  9. Don’t neglect the whole person
    Remember you are more than who you are the 8 hours you are at work.  If you neglect who you are outside of work, then very few jobs could ever actually make you happy.
  10. If at all possible, step outside
    It doesn’t happen as often as it should.  However, stepping outside for some fresh air once or twice a day can be, well, a breath of fresh air.  Just try to be sure it’s not just for a cigarette.
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