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Allen Identify

Are you missing out on the best candidates available in your required talent pool?
When so many of the best candidates aren’t even looking for jobs, it can be difficult to find all the available talent for your next hire. Allen Identify is the answer.

Sometimes, recruitment can be like fishing in the shallow end of a lake: no matter how good at the sport you are, the fish in the deep end are never going to notice your bait. This is the case for the 70% to 75% of candidates who aren’t actively looking for jobs, but would accept a role if offered. Some of the most elite talent is simply unaware that you’ve got the perfect role for them. So how do you make sure you’re fishing in the entire lake, attracting all the relevant candidates to your organisation? Allen Identify can uncover all the candidates in your talent pool, ensuring you never miss out on an excellent hire simply because they didn’t see your job advert.

With Allen Identify, we’ll uncover all your available candidates for you

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The process starts with us talking to you to understand your exact requirements. What role are you looking to fill? What skills, experience and qualifications do you require? We will uncover everything we need to search for your candidates, even their personality and how well they’ll fit in with your organisation’s culture.

We’ll do all the work

We then use every method of searching available to us to map out the available talent. Using our AI-driven search function, we’ll go through every available candidate across 45 digital soruces – even if they aren’t actively searching for a job – to create a longlist of talent for you. Our search covers international digital data sources – searching across borders and without bias – to find all candidates that meet your needs. Our expert search specialists, automated engagement software and role marketing software can do this quickly, cutting down on your time to hire while searching through a much larger talent pool than you’re used to.

You get the best talent

Once this is complete, we’ll provide you with your longlist. Our expert recruiters will pare down your list of possible hires, removing any that don’t meet your needs. Every relevant candidate in your talent pool will be represented, complete with their skillset, qualifications and anything else you’d need to make a decision about whether or not to invite them in for an interview. Your list is even ranked based on how likely it is the candidates will match your requirements.

Allen Identify makes sure no stone is left unturned when it comes to finding you the best candidates in your talent pool.

By using our cutting-edge tech and the talent of our expert recruiters, we can quickly find all the available candidates for your role without having to depend on them seeing a job advert or responding to a LinkedIn message. We even search internationally, uncovering talent you may never have considered and making sure you have a full picture of the options available to you.

That means a much quicker time-to-hire for you, as well as the reassurance of knowing the best talent hasn’t flown under your radar.

What's next?

Allen Engage

We engage your candidate longlist to find the most suitable candidates for interview, whittling it down to a shortlist of the top talent available.

Who we are

At Allen Consulting, we pride ourselves on approaching recruitment in an innovative and unique way. We realised that the standard model of recruiting wasn’t working for clients, and the problems that had been part of our sector for decades weren’t going away. So we decided to change the way we looked at hiring altogether.

That meant focusing on technology, especially machine learning, boolean searches and automation. The result is a system that is more efficient and effective at finding talent than anything else we’ve seen, and it frees our talented recruiters up to spend more time with our candidates and clients. That means we can afford to dedicate time to truly understanding your recruitment needs, and makes it much more likely that we’ll find the right candidate for you.

We’re not the only ones who think our system works; we’ve been able to find top talent for 5 of the top 10 tech companies and 5 of the top 20 financial services companies globally.

Our other services

How else can we help you improve your recruitment efforts?


Take advantage of our tech, data and expertise by embedding our talented recruiters directly inside your business for as long as you need.

Senior Appointments

Every organisation needs great leaders, and we can provide them. We’ll help you find the best executives, managers and senior leadership to ensure your company has the direction it needs.


Let us take care of your project teams with Allen Outsource. We can provide you with a flexible, agile workforce and we’ll take care of all the details.


Let us take care of your recruitment for selected permanent, contract and fixed term roles, using our cutting-edge approach to find the most suitable candidates across borders, without bias.

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