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Allen Consulting: Complement your in-house recruitment with your pick of our industry-leading services

Fixed Fee world-class recruitment services

Why Allen Consulting is right for you

Recruitment is complex, and sometimes you need an expert to assist with part of the process, empowering your team to focus on the parts where they can add most value. That’s where Allen Consulting comes in, with recruitment consulting services all over Europe, providing you with a flexible option that gives you the recruitment help in the areas that you need it.

With Allen Consulting, you only pay for what you need. If you just need help understanding your talent pool, we can map it out for you with our talent mapping service. If you need a long list of candidates who potentially could fill your role, we can develop that for you. If you want a shortlist of suitable candidates interested in your role but want to handle the rest of the process yourself, we can provide that for you as well. You choose the part of the recruitment service you need and we’ll make sure you get a world-class experience.

Get started with the industry-leading service of your choice.

How does it work?

We start by meeting with you and taking the time to fully understand what area you need support with. If you’re not sure what aspects we can help with, we can assess your requirements and work out where we can provide the most help.

You can then choose from one of our specialist recruitment services, listed below. We will help you understand the options and how each will fit and benefit your organisation.

We then implement your chosen option, providing you with a world-class recruitment service that helps you access the talent your organisation needs when it needs them.

From there, we can continue to work with you, advising you and providing you with recruitment services whenever you need.


By choosing from our suite of recruitment services, you can be sure you’re only paying a fixed fee for what you need to support and complement your in house recruitment. We can provide you with a flexible, scalable and tailored recruitment service to fit whatever situation your business is in, using our cutting-edge tech and specialist recruiters to provide you with elite talent.

Your recruitment options

Allen Mapping

Without an understanding of what talent is available to you, launching a recruitment effort can be futile. With talent mapping, we can display exactly how many candidates exist that meet your requirements. We can even uncover everything from salary data to how likely a candidate’s personality is to match with your company culture.

Find out what talent is at your fingertips.

Allen Identify

Over 70 percent of potential candidates are not actively looking for a job, and can be practically invisible to recruitment efforts. Our AI-powered search leaves no stone unturned searching over 45 digital sources, finding every potential candidate for your role, all without bias thanks to our tech-first approach. Our research will provide you with a longlist of talent, with all the information you need to make an informed decision about the available candidates.

Access talent previously unavailable to you.

Allen Engage

We can find and curate a candidate shortlist for you, searching over 45 digital sources to uncover all the available talent and all relevant details about each candidate. Based on your needs, we then pare this list of talent down to a candidate shortlist ready for interview, along with data on salary, notice period, visa status, interest in your role and more. With candidate screening, you can jump right to the last stage of recruitment and start with elite talent ready to interview.

Skip to the last stage of recruitment with Allen Engage.

We’ve created the future of recruiting, and it’s accessible to anyone thanks to Allen Consulting. You can choose the recruiting service that meets your needs and avoid having to pay for anything extra.

Why our clients love working with us

We believe our world-class recruitment service is the future of the industry, using technology in combination with specialist recruiters to find elite talent where others can’t. Our AI-powered search engine finds candidates that match up with your needs – whether or not they’re actively looking for a new job – and searches across borders and without bias to bring you the best talent.

We combine this with automation, reducing time to hire and freeing up recruiters to fully understand the needs of both parties, providing a world-class experience for both clients and candidates all over Europe.

Choose the recruitment service that’s right for you.

Our team

Your recruitment needs will be in the hands of our talented team of specialists, each of whom is highly skilled in their area of expertise. No matter which of our services you choose, our recruiters will be there to ensure your experience is world-class.