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Using cutting-edge tech to match you with the right job, the right company and the right location for you and your skills

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    Are you looking to change jobs? Searching for a new career, a step up in responsibility or improved salary and benefits? Whatever the case, Allen Recruitment is here to help. We specialise in using our cutting-edge technology to find the right placements for you, making sure you end up with the role that matches your skills, goals and needs.

    Our automation-led approach means our recruiters can spend their time doing what really matters:

    Our automation-led approach means our recruiters can spend their time doing what really matters: understanding exactly what sort of role you’re looking for. There are no two-minute phone calls with us; we’ll make sure we schedule in a meeting with enough time to fully understand what you’re looking for in a job and what skills and experience you have to offer. Then we can quickly work to pair you up with one of the many jobs offered by our clients, including Mastercard, Fidelity, Dell, ATOS and many more from various industries.

    Here’s just a few of the benefits we can offer our candidates:

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    We deal with clients looking for permanent, temporary, contingent and contract work, so whatever you want from a role, we can help.

    Looking for an international role? We work with companies across Europe, and specialise in making it as easy as possible to find work overseas.

    One-week payment terms, so you can get started with your paycheck straight away.

    Online timesheets and contracts, fully accessible whenever you need them.

    Auto-invoicing and billing, taking all of the hassle out of the simple task of getting paid.

    Not attracting the right candidates or pulling through enough volume with your job ads? Our free service, Allen Intro, can help.

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