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Your Career Checklist for the Sales Sector

Sales is continuing to be a competitive sector within the Irish job market, with most industries requiring sales individuals within their companies.

When setting out to find you ideal role in sales it’s important to tick the following off your Sales checklist……….

Working within the Sales and Marketing industry for many years, Stephen Harrington describes the sector as, “sales and marketing roles are adopting automation, analytics and social selling even more.”

The current sales market is thriving within Ireland and Europe, which in turn means, “the bar is set quite high by companies.”

Like all jobs, requirements such as skills and educational grades are necessary, with a 2:1 generally requested, although Stephen says, “there are some exceptions for candidates with a strong track record in this area.”

The skills are changeable depending on the sales sector, however, three core abilities will always prevail in sales and according to Stephen these are, “Strong communication, organisation and ability to convey complex solutions in a simplistic way.”

The SaaS sector is becoming an increasingly popular area for sales jobs, in both language and English-speaking roles. “The big companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc. are really driving forward in their expansion in this area and there is a constant wave of lesser known US headquartered companies expanding their EMEA operations out of Dublin”

With multinational clients providing masses of roles within this sector in Ireland and the UK it is important to know the sales abilities required. “Big tech companies are highly interested in candidates who will fit into their sales process and are capable of using data to be effective at their jobs.”

The skills and experience required is continually advancing, “SQL is a term featuring more and more in every job spec we see, this does not mean one has to be a technical expert but must be conversed with extracting data from systems.”

We all have an image of what a sales environment looks like, with a certain type of person more suited to this type of work than others.

Personal attributes contribute to most jobs, with Stephen revealing sales roles tend to have a certain sales process. “Companies want to replicate the success of the major players such as Salesforce and they want salespeople who will fit in with this and their culture.”

“The days of the ‘judge me on my sales only’ sales people are numbered. Many SaaS companies would prefer someone who will hit 100% or target working their way than someone who overachieves but goes against the process and is more difficult to manage.”

With all that in mind, we have a number of open roles in the Sales area – so check them out and let Allen Recruitment help you find your dream sales job!!!

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Allen Recruitment is an international recruitment consultancy with offices in Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Sweden, Belgium and Poland, providing recruitment solutions and job opportunities all over Europe. We have a great experience in placing candidates in the right roles for some of Europe’s largest brands, especially in executive search and with our new Embedded Recruitment solution as an RPO service.

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