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When candidates say no


Its a sad and all too familiar story

You swim through dozens of applications, sometimes hundreds for your requirements and interview the top of the top and then you find them, the STAR candidate. You fall in love with their profile and look forward to having them join the team. Then tragedy strikes, they reject the offer.

It’s hard to deal with rejection, even harder to not take it personally. We ask why, looking for every possible reason and rationalise how such a thing could happen, surely any candidate would take the offer presented to them, and so starts the downward spiral. We can’t control rejections BUT we can change how we react to it, taking them as an opportunity to learn.

In this candidate-driven market, candidates are looking for more than just a paycheck so how do you stand out?

  • Be brand aware: reputation travels fast these days so spend extra time making sure your brand is one that reaches and attracts stars
  • Be competitive: understand the market rates for your star candidates, at every level
  • Be pro-active: it’s hard to find top candidates nowadays and when recruitment processes are drawn out it’s even harder to keep them at the top
  • Be receptive and attentive: listen to your employees to ensure satisfaction. Employees bridge the gap between your job and your potential candidates to listen

Candidates reject for different reasons, some which we’ll continue at a later stage, but by learning and continuing to stand out you can influence potential offers in the near future.


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