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RTT session – (Order #1)

Rapid Transformational Therapy ( Marisa Peer method) by Solveiga Smith Clinical Hyponotherapist, Licensed RTT Therapist, Trauma Informed Therapist, Business and Life Coach and mentor, Mindfullness and hooponopono practitioner. “RTT goes beyond ordinary therapy. By using RTT you can access the subconscious mind, allowing you to uncover, upgrade and reprogram limiting beliefs. You can find the root cause of any problem or issue, pattern or behaviour and create a long-lasting change.”

“When you are looking for a change in your life, feeling stuck, experiencing issues – you want an instant result, that’s exactly what RTT delivers. RTT gives instant, long-lasting results.” – Solveiga Smith.

The session includes a personalised 21-day recording and a 40-minute catch up call after 2 weeks. If you need any additional information about the process, feel free to message Solveiga directly –

Product reference number: 71301

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