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Top Skills that US Tech Companies Look for When Hiring

LinkedIn recently published a list of the Top 25 skills that got Irish professionals hired on 2015.

Tech Companies

Tech Companies

We find however that when it comes to some of the non-tech specific skills related to the job, there are a number of other key factors that clients also look for.

Culture fit within the companies and similar competencies that good workers within their companies possess, are often the reason why a company may choose to hire a candidate with 70% of the skills on the job specification rather than someone with 90%.

Bases on the feedback we consistently get form our large Tech clients, I have listed below some of the key things that they look for across most job categories:

Soft Skills

  1. Communicate Effectively
  2. Language Skills – business fluency in English is a must
  3. Self-Starter/Self-motivated
  4. Analytical and Data Driven
  5. Team Player
  6. Adaptable to Change
  7. Sense of urgency


Basic Technology Skills

  1. Impeccable PowerPoint, Word and Excel skills: Must be extremely comfortable with making presentations, drafting documents and using excel for numerical operations
  2. Excellent browsing skills: Ability to browse websites, search for information on the right websites and using right search methodologies
  3. Comfortable with using online apps

What a Good CV should look like

  1. Be well presented and visually appealing.
  2. Spell checked and grammatically correct
  3. Include Achievements – Work, Academic and personal, try to include specific information with facts and figures where possible.
  4. Make it obvious why this is the right job for you and why you are right for this job.
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