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How to Downsize and Still be able to Grow 

Are you considering or have recently downsized your company but want to know the recipe to continue growing your business?  Then this is a must-read for you!

There are several principal factors you need to think about. We know the challenges of lack of staff – hiring new employees will be costly, and you might be forced to downsize again if the market situation changes. You know that a business always needs to keep on delivering and expanding, but for it to succeed in the given conditions, you might need a flexible solution.

A wise approach is bringing a contingent employee on board – a temporary staff member that will not be hired directly by your company but will work onsite on your urgent projects.

Below you will find a few reasons why this option will work:

1. Quality over quantity: Test the employee during a temporary contract so you know if they are a good fit. You can keep the most efficient ones and optimize your staff.

2. No additional costs: Hiring a contingent staff member is cost neutral and you don’t have to pay for employee benefits, health insurance, payroll taxes, income taxes and many more.

3. Expand Strategically: Place contingent workers in specific roles to help boost your important projects.

4. Save time: Contingent employees do not need to know the entire process and all company specifics – just the part they will be responsible for. This cuts down the time for training them.

5. Add a fresh perspective: Contingent employees bring a fresh eye to your projects. They are exposed to many environments and could add value with their ideas and broad experience. Maybe they worked on something similar recently?

6. Speed things up: The contingent employees are very motivated – they want to work for you permanently and prove themselves. They will put in the effort to get things done fast and effective.

The results will speak in volumes – Data-driven solutions will help you to find the best temporary staff fast and effectively. You will be able to save money, time, and follow the steps of the best in business by strategically optimizing your staff and work.

As you can see, there is a way to save costs and still manage to develop your business. So, make sure you consider the above-mentioned points to guarantee yourself a successful growth.


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