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Our offers don’t get accepted

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The employment landscape in Poland today favours the candidate. Almost 80% of all candidates are passive ones, numerous job offers are landing in their inboxes every single day. Wages are up and job seekers are becoming more selective, especially since there are many opportunities in an increasingly competitive job market.


Two main reasons, however, are contributing to the client’s low acceptance rates, neither being due to low compensation.

  1. All companies are attempting to recruit similar talent from a small pool of candidates, often the same platforms and databases. This results in a competitive process, where whoever pays the most or has the quickest recruitment process, wins.
  2. Most recruitment partners are primarily focused on selling to candidates rather than the other way around. As they are commission-based they are often too busy to do a complete CV search, thus sending the client the first candidates they come across – which often also means poor quality candidates reach them.


The best recruiters are those who have the commitment to:

  • really look into the candidate’s motivation to move jobs
  • check if the candidate applied for any other roles at the same time
  • look up where your job ranks among the ones they are applying for
  • identify where they stand in the process with other roles
  • discuss their reasons for leaving their current role and whether a raise or promotion would influence their decision
  • follow up on all the recruitment stages and reinforce what the candidate said when they were first screened.


How do we solve this for our clients? Comprehensive search, quality communication, time, and training.

Comprehensive Search – our data-led and technology-driven approach allows us to identify candidates who are capable of doing the job, interested in the role, and willing to work for our client.

Quality – We have removed all the administrative work an old-fashioned recruiter has to do. This allows our recruiters to have a small number of detailed and quality conversations with their candidates, establishing trust in the process.

Time – At the initial screening, we ask the right questions, and we take the time to reinforce their motivation through every step of the process – before the first interview, second and subsequent interviews, offers, handing in notice, signing the contract, and starting.

Training – Our in-house training department, alongside best practice external consultants, trains our employees in the latest and the best practices.


Our approach targets candidates who are interested in our client’s company, their job, and their compensation package, and not just those being pursued by multiple recruiters who are offering higher wages – if we find these candidates, we will not submit them to our clients unless our client’s job is their preferred choice as they will be weighing their offer against another client.

Our clients can count on us to make sure every candidate we send them has their job at the top of their wish list.

How can we improve your recruitment?

Hiring people can be quicker, easier and more effective – we’ve achieved all three. Let’s bring your recruitment into the future.