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I keep getting told we need to up my salary budget

Recruiting new hires is one of the most important investments any company can make. Many Polish-based companies are faced with the dilemma of having to revise their hiring budget upwards, even if there is no shortage of potential candidates that fit their desired profile. Why does this happen and how do we solve it for them?


Their existing recruitment partner identifies some top candidates working for big multinational companies, they know that the client will be excited about these profiles but quickly realizes that to get them to move jobs, they need to offer them even a higher package. The recruitment partner backed by salary surveys and some excellent CVs upsells the candidates to the client. The client feels they have no option and agrees to up their budget, gaining some interest from expensive candidates but facing a team of existing employees who will now have to be paid more or risk them leaving.


The company is competing with other businesses in Poland targeting the same talent. The economic situation is uncertain. Different employers have different budgets. Some can pay at the top of the salary scale, some mid-range, and some at the lower end of the pay scale.

Here are two factors to consider:

1 – Where your budget stands salary-wise and where your ideal candidates currently work (i.e., where they currently are on the pay scale)

2 – Looking at the existing team, focusing on those who haven’t come from top-paying companies. Are these strong team members? If yes, then focus on finding more like them.

In other words, identify a set of target candidates that match a less obvious profile but nevertheless fit your team’s needs well and currently earn less than you are comfortable offering.


For our clients, our first objective is to find out where their budget puts them on the pay scale at this particular time.  The next step would be analysing the pay level of the candidates they wish to target – we have easy access to all the required data to do this quickly and accurately.

The process is based on data analysis. We review our client’s current team members and their former employers to determine their salary levels. We ensure that the candidates we identify meet the client’s requirements, then identify companies which have the talent they are looking for and for whom our client’s salary budget would be attractive.

Using technology and data science we develop a long list of all candidates who:

– Would be interested in our client’s job, company, and budget.

– Potentially can do the job that they are looking to fill.

Using our automation, we reach out to all these candidates describing the job title and specifics, employer, and package, at different stages of the conversation. If the company, job, or offer is not of interest or they are simply not in the market, they will filter themselves out.

We find that 60% simply do not respond, while 20% will respond saying they are not interested or not looking. The remaining 20% will engage and ask for more information.

Our trained recruiters then schedule a detailed screening call at a time that suits both parties, allowing us to spend the necessary time with the candidate. This detailed screening is for our recruiter to determine if:

– The candidate can do the job.

– The candidate wants the job.

– The candidate will work for the budget offered.

If we get an affirmative to the above question, the recruiter will forward the candidate’s profile to our client’s Account Manager, who manages the client relationship. The Account Manager further reviews the screening, notes, and CV – if they concur with the recruiter then the CV is sent to the client for review. Two out of every three CVs we submit to our clients lead to an interview – our quality is high.


Our clients receive a steady stream of high-quality candidates for the budget they are comfortable with. Our recruiters think out of the box, so the profiles we present are not always the obvious ones. These individuals are more than capable of performing the job at hand and are motivated by the package, the technical environment, career advancement opportunities, and the team they will be working with. Moreover, they are passionate about the position.


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