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Out with the old and in with a new… JOB

It’s fair to say that the 2020 New Year didn’t kick-off as expected. January is usually one of the most active months for job seekers and hiring managers, as majority of companies set their hiring budgets in January, which means the bulk of the hiring can begin straight away.

January also brings the whole “New year, new me” mentality. Maybe you’d just returned from some time off in 2019, reflecting on what could have been in your professional career last year, and thought “Perhaps it is time for a change this year.”

Job boards like Monster usually experience a huge surge in job applications in January with the busiest job hunting days, all falling in the first month of the year, which wouldn’t have changed too much this year. But with a siginificant market downturn, in a market where hiring plans have been scrapped or delayed and where staff are being made redundant and furloughed the application to success ratio will be wildly different compared to previous years. However, if you fall into the camp of looking for a new job then this sin’t the time to panic. Companies know that the market will turn and they will need to hire, so this is the perfect opportunity to put in the groundwork and position yourself for securing the next step in your career.

So, with lots of job seeker competition likely, what is the best way to get noticed?

Numbers Stand Out
With the likelihood that there will be even more CVs to review than normal, it is imperative you make your CV stand out in a professional way. Statistics and numbers are a sure way to get the hiring managers attention. You are presenting real and factual evidence of how you added to your last job and what you have achieved thus far.

Boost your Digital Platform
Give your LinkedIn account a Spring clean, add perspective employers, join groups centered around your job ideals and perhaps let potential recruiters and companies know you are seeking new opportunities. Get connected with the right people and start working on your personal brand. Stay up-to-date with current business affairs and offer your opinion, showing good thought-leadership.

Social media can be a great way to get noticed and put you a step ahead of the rest. If you have a blog or website, get active on it from the get go, giving your audience something to digest. Now is the time to be as visible as you can be.

Be Realistic
With high levels of jobs likely to be released when the market is in better shape, research must be carried out on the roles you are best suited to. What are you looking for in your new job? Perhaps it’s more job satisfaction, a higher salary, health care or just a new opportunity or challenge. A realistic view on what skills and what salary ballpark you are in – which might need to be re-evaluated depending on market conditions – will mean you are more likely to be considered for the job.

Get Help
There are lots of ways to keep up to date with all the latest jobs on the market, and most are free of charge. Joining multiple job boards and entering your desired job and CV details and skills is one way to receive daily job updates.

A further job seeking source is Recruitment Agencies, like Allen Recruitment. This is one of the easiest ways to find your new role for the new year. Working with some of the largest employers in Ireland, the UK and Poland, we not only offer jobs that you can’t find anywhere else, but we offer unparalleled knowledge and experience in recruitment.

Whether you are looking for a Java Developer position, a new Sales or Marketing role, or a career change into the IT Sector, we have lots of new openings on offer. Check out our jobs page and search your ideal job and begin your New Year the right way, and let us help you.



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