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Hiring from abroad

Finding the right talent can be a challenge for companies in the technology, software, and insurance industries. Sometimes the best person for the job is someone who is not in the same country or even on the same continent. Recruiting from abroad can be an effective solution to this problem.

Many entrepreneurs have considered hiring staff from abroad, either to find talent with unique competencies or to reduce costs. But hiring from abroad can be a complicated process.

Tips to facilitate hiring staff from abroad:

1. Understand labour markets
Hiring staff from abroad requires a deep understanding of local labour laws and taxes. This includes salaries, benefits, and insurance. You should make sure to understand local legislation to avoid fines and legal penalties. It may require obtaining visas or work permits for employees. It may also mean considering local working conditions and wage regulations.

Before starting to recruit from abroad, it is important to understand the local labour markets to find the talent you are looking for. What kind of competencies and skills are in short supply? Which are the most in-demand occupations? What are the most common working conditions and salaries? By understanding these factors, you can better tailor your recruitment strategy and find the most sought-after talents.

2. Use local contact and recruitment agencies

Finding the best personnel can be a challenge, especially when searching abroad. Entrepreneurs should consider using local contacts and recruitment agencies to find the right talent. These sources may have insight into the local market and culture and can facilitate the recruitment process.

3. Create a clear and accurate job description
You should create a clear and accurate job description that includes all requirements and expectations. This helps to avoid misunderstandings and wrong hires. A detailed job description can also help attract more suitable candidates.

4. Offer an attractive workplace and support
To compete for talent from abroad, you must offer an attractive workplace. This can include benefits such as health plans, pensions, insurance, and paid leave. It may also include offering education and career opportunities and having a good corporate culture.

Provide support to employees When hiring talent from abroad, it is important to provide them with support and assistance throughout the process. This may include assistance with visa applications, finding housing and schools for any accompanying family members. It may also be important to offer language courses and an introduction to local culture to facilitate adaptation.

5. Use technology to find talent
Technology has made it easier to find talent from abroad. By using online platforms like LinkedIn or Indeed, you can easily search for candidates from other countries and continents. It is also possible to use specialized recruitment companies that focus on finding talent from specific countries or regions.


To recruit the best talent from abroad in the technology, software, and insurance industries, it is important to first identify the company’s needs and the skills and experience required for the job. Then it is important to search relevant websites and platforms, be clear in advertising, prepare for interviews, and ensure that the company is ready for recruitment.

It may require some preparation from the company’s side, such as managing work visas, accommodation, and other administrative issues. But the reward will be a diverse, multinational workforce that will take your company to another level.


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