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Allen Consulting

Don’t have the time or resources to do the detailed search and level of candidate engagement you want?
Let Allen Consulting do the time-consuming candidate sourcing, presenting you the interested and suitable candidates.

Using our data led and technology-driven candidate sourcing solution, often described as the future of recruitment, we can:

  • Do a detailed analysis of your role and map its potential talent pool.
  • Do detailed searching from 45 digital sources globally to identify all the potential candidates who match your criteria, supplying details of their experience, education and contact details.
  • Engage with this list of candidates (or a subset) to identify who is interested in a new role, who is interested in your role, what their requirements are.

After that, you can engage with the shortlist of candidates you wish to bring to interview and through your recruitment process. We can take on one or more of the steps above for a fixed fee and within a very short timeframe.

Let Allen Consulting do the heavy lifting for you

It can be hard to know what skills, qualifications, and abilities are available within the candidate talent pool you need to hire from, but we can show you with a detailed Talent Intelligence Report and analysis.

Our machine-learning-powered search looks through over 45 digital sources internationally to find every viable candidate, even if they’re not actively searching for a job. Shrinking talent pools are no longer a problem when technology allows us to be this thorough.

Contacting every candidate can be time-consuming and greatly increase your time-to-hire. That’s why we’ve automated the process. Our software contacts each candidate up to seven times within five days, and allows them to book in with one of our recruiters, streamlining the whole process.

Our recruiters focus on what really matters: making sure candidates are the right fit for our clients. Our highly trained and skilled candidate screeners establish if the candidate can do your role, will pass the interview successfully, and will accept an offer from you should one be made.

Following, we’ll present a fully documented short list of all the suitable and interested candidates for your review. Then, you decide and execute the next steps. You own the candidates and run the process from here on. All for a very reasonable fixed fee.

Our services

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Allen Mapping

Do you know what your talent pool looks like? We can give you a comprehensive picture, providing you with a report of the skills and qualifications available to you.

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Allen Identify

We use your mapping information to find you a longlist of candidates, including companies, positions, responsibilities and results of screening scores relative to the specific job requirements.

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Allen Engage

We review your candidate longlist to find the most suitable candidates for interview, whittling it down to a shortlist of the top talent available.

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