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A Christmas Party Survival Guide

Tis the season to be jolly and all the rest, so that means Christmas Party Season is officially upon us. Whether it’s an event you have been looking forward to for some time or one that fills you with dread and nerves, the most important thing is that you attend the event.

You have done everything right in the run up to your office Christmas Party. Purchasing the best present €5 can buy, for your Secret Santa, you’ve ate well all week, so your sparkly red dress fits like a glove, and you have enlisted a table buddy, to accompany you to the restaurant, which will make the table chat flow with ease.

Nonetheless, the groundwork is only 20% of your Christmas Party, it’s the night itself that needs the most attention. So, fear not, your Christmas Party Survival Guide is at hand, so you can make it through the night without a hitch, and with your noticed intact for another while.

Dress Code

It may seem like an obvious one, but know the dress code of your Christmas party. Is it a casual few beers after work or are you heading to a 5 star restaurant for some fine dining? Some companies make Christmas attire mandatory, which can simply mean a Christmas jumper or some holly in your hair. So, unless you were told it was fancy dress and the exact theme, its best to avoid looking like Christmas dinner when everyone else is in their best formal wear.

Know your Limits

Christmas parties are a chance for employees to let loose and enjoy themselves after a working year. However, enjoyment can sometimes be balancing on a very fine line. A lot of companies offer their staff free food and drinks for a duration of the night. The key is to make the most of this perk, but know your limits. Have a glass of water in between drinks and maybe avoid shots unless it’s your final nightcap. Although drunken minds can sometimes speak sober hearts, perhaps tonight is not the night to tell Jennifer from Accounts that you can’t stand the fact she puts fish in the microwave EVERYDAY.

Mingle with Your Co-Workers

The Christmas Party can be a daunting situation for some, but it can also be a great opportunity to get talking to some members of the team you don’t see too often. An out of work setting can be a lot more social and relaxed and you may strike up a bond with a fellow co-worker that you never knew you had so much in common with. Be sure to say Hi to your boss and managers, letting them know you made an appearance.

The Day After the Night Before

So, it’s the Monday morning after your Christmas party, and the flashbacks of your YMCA moves are all coming flooding back. As the saying goes, you have nothing to fear but fear itself, so don’t let it creep in. Just remember, you weren’t the only one dancing or enjoying yourself and at least you didn’t sit disinterested in the corner for the night. It’s important to be able to laugh at yourself and maybe don’t show John the pictures of him dancing on top of the bar (save them for the next company presentation).

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